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Paper Lanterns

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Guys, I need some help finding cheap paper lanterns. I want the battery operated kind cause my dinner is on the beach, so I don't want to have to plug them in, or put candles under them.


I found them at a dollar store near me, but being stupid, I wanted to think about them. Well, now they are gone and they are not getting more. I would like white and/or pink ones. I need about 12 and I don't want to pay too much money for them. I also need them to ship to Canada and not charge a fortune to do it.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Oh shoot I was just going to say to check there. I got about 10 of them for my party from there but we tossed them. Here is what I was able to find...I am not sure what your budget is

Search - Factory Card & Party Outlet

I will keep looking. If you don't have store by you and need me to pick them up let me know. I am in MN so shipping shouldn't be too bad.

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Originally Posted by Tlseege View Post
This is the place I've looked at. They are around $3.75-$2.95
8" Round Battery Lanterns In Assorted Colors
Those are so cute, but they are out of stock of the white and the pink. That is crappy.

And the shipping is only $14, that sucks that they are out of stock. Have you ordered yours?

That works out to $4.26 each after taxes and shipping, that is a good deal. Now I just need to know when they will get more in.

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