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Welcome Book - Passports (can't find templates) - Please Help!

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Hello ladies,


I would really love to do passport booklets but Ihave already sent out my STD's and my invitations so I was thinking that perhaps I could do them for my welcome booklets to go in the OOT bags.


What do you ladies and gentleman think?


Is there too much information in a welcome book to turn into passport style?


Does anyone have a passport template that could give me ideas on welcome book pages and not invite or STD pages?


So far, I've used some templates on the forum but there are about 6 pages where the information doesn't apply to people who are already there. it's for people still planning and booking.


I really want passports somewhere in my wedding but I'm guessing its too late since everyone seems to only use them for STD's and invites.


For the life of me, I can't come up with what else to put in the book.


Please Help!!



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I am doing a welcome book passport book so if you send me your email I will send you what I have so far but its veryyyyy rough as I still have about 7 months to work on it...haha. Maybe we can brainstorm together as I am stuck on some stuff too and most people do it for a save the date.


my email is katelynnfairf@trentu.ca

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Ok for minei did this:


The very first and last page I did Bob Marley quotes because we are getting married in Jamaica.


2nd page - the passport page with our photo. Just put Bride to be and Groom to be and our full names. Date of wedding, location of wedding. Under passport number I put xoxo.


The next page was like the more formal invitation bit "so and so invite you to accompany them..."


Then accommodations page with a photo of the resort and details such as price and contact info for our travel agent.


A map of JA with Runaway Bay marked with a star.


Details about our The trip: departure, kids rates, deposits, passport info etc.


Details about our AHR.


I will try to post some pics but I hope this gives you some ideas. Good luck!

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