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Starfish Themed Wedding

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I'm still trying to plan out my theme, but after looking through this thread, I am definitely leaning toward a starfish theme. There are so many ideas on here, it will be difficult for me to choose between some of them! Thanks for all the links, and if I run into anything cool, I'll definitely remember this thread.

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Wow, this is a great site!! I too am really in love with starfish ... now more than ever!! On one favors site I found out that they are a symbol of renewal, regeneration, and symmetry!


Here is a picture (on the left) of a place setting I am going to try to do. Is everyone transporting everything with them?? I am not sure how that is going to work!


Here is my wedding invitation. The starfish and blue backing were glued onto the main piece and the envelopes were the same color of blue. They're not as fancy as some I've seen on here, but the price was very good - they were made by a local scrapbooker within 5 days!!






Wedding Invitation.pdf

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Originally Posted by dc22173 View Post
More starfish stuff.... Just ordered this necklace today. It matches the hairpin I ordered from hair comes the bride. I like that it is only $11.95 plus shipping smile29.gif

Crystal Starfish Necklace
That necklace is perfect! What an awesome deal too. I am looking for a starfish necklace for my 2 BM and one for myself :).
Just curious, have you received your necklace yet? Would love to know if your happy with it.

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