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  1. I was you-tubing and i discovered wonderful steel drum band recordings- instead of paying hundreds of dollars, just use the free recorded version! haha
  2. did you take any pics of the resort while you were there? I would love to see any pics u have!
  3. awesome thread- I would LOVE to know how you made your invitation (or was it STD?) with the vellom overlay- i loved that!
  4. i am so glad you threw this out there Christie! I was having the same thoughts...let me share my"game plan" (you know, if everything goes as planned, which it never does! haha) wedding @ 1pm (or somewhere around this time) after the wedding: bride/groom/party: pictures guests: having dinner/downtime at a bar or resteraunt (perhaps even changing clothes) around 6pm: meet back up with guests (depending on budget perhaps in a nice white sundress, I'm not gunna want to wear a huge puffy HOT dress the whole night!) and have the appetizer/drink/cake reception Jennifer was talking about including our first dance... but that's just me- AND i'm still trying to figure out where to fit in TTD...I'm thinking the day after at dunns river falls...
  5. OMG I found those this weekend and love them! I am checking with FI but i saw those and took a pic of the box- they are adorable and very classy, if you don't upload a pic I will when i get home!
  6. Thank you all so much for your input, I knew you all would be so helpful! I am still debating on doing DIY or buying ones to print myself...primandpixie you are right, the invitations ARE the first impression- this is a big decision! I'll let you know what I decide and i might even post pics of the print ones to show you all. Thanks again
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by sararae92 Adias.Angel - I love your boarding passes that you created but I was wondering what fonts you used. Also, your budget spreadsheets are great, good job on everything! I was searching through this thread and i can't find those documents posted by adidas.angel- can someone help me or post a link? Thanks so much!
  8. agreed- this IS a great thread- anybody have anything more recent!?!?
  9. Ok ladies- I need help. I am just starting this whole invitation/std process and I'l going back and forth between what I like, so today I bought some materials and started playing around. Please tell me what you like/don't like I would LOVE SUGGESTIONS! thanks a ton! #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 The invitations with the stamp are stamped on a square of paper just so I didn't waste a bunch of "mock invites" but they would be stamped right on there. Thanks ladiezzz
  10. LOVE this thread- I had never heard of vistaprint until this website, it's great to know the possibilities!!
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