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  1. If anyone is willing to purchase a new starfish and continue the passing of it that would be great!!! I am officially retiring the little guy and placing him with the rest of my wedding memories. Thanks to all the brides who wrote in the journal. I truly enjoyed reading about your special day and about all the places that my starfish has visited. Since 2009, he has taken part in 25 weddings!!! This little guy has traveled more than that I have at this point .
  2. I just got the starfish back and it is in pretty bad shape. He is missing multiple stones and it has been glued multiple times. I am concerned that I will not be able to get him fixed up to put back out into circulation. The hot glue is not working. I guess I need to know if it matters to you that the starfish is no longer attached to the stick. I have the journal and it still has plenty of pages for new entries. Please let me know what you think. Another option would be to replace the starfish with a new one and continue the passing of the journal. I bought it from this online store: http://www.bouquetjewels.com/starofsea/star-sea.htm.
  3. Ladies, I am the owner of the clear starfish that has been roaming around for a couple of years. I would love to get it back home with the journal for a week or so this month. It looks like I have some time between karebear79 and Teira1031 wedding dates. Can either of you PM me about this? I promise to get it back out into circulation asap.
  4. It is great to see that so many brides are benefiting from the starfish! This is awesome and it brings a smile to my face I can not believe how many places it has been to already!!! Does anyone know if the journal is still floating around? Quote: Originally Posted by breeze616 dc22173's CLEAR starfish line-up: 1 ) future mrs. kt ellis - June 5 - Scottsdale, AZ 2 ) Bahiabride2010 - July 3 - Punta Cana 3 ) jackie_c - traveling 8/12 - 8/21 – Cancun 4 ) DWbridetobe - October 30 - November 8, 2010, St. Lucia 5 ) breeze616 – December 6 – 16th Iberostar Rose Hall, Montego Bay 6 ) kateandbri - January 8th-15th, Melia Caribe, Punta Cana 7 ) StephyD - March 27-April 10 2011 - Riviera Maya 8 ) susanna.hanson - June 17, 2011, Cabo San Luca If you would like to join this CLEAR starfish list, please post in this thread with all of this info: 1) That you would like to join the 'dc22173's CLEAR starfish line-up' 2) Your travel dates (an estimate is ok if you haven't booked yet). 3) Your wedding location Thanks
  5. Congrats on your wedding!!!! I am so glad your experience there was as a good a mine. It makes me want to do it all over again.. without all the planning involved, ha ha. I love my video too!!!
  6. Thanks for you honest review!!! I was looking to book this photographer last year and emailed him to get a quote. I decided to do a search here and found a review from another bride who did not recommend him at all http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t19461. That was all it took for me not to book him. I ended up booking Cecilia Dumas and it was the best decision I ever made. I hope you are able to use some of photographs to make a memorable book of your wedding!! You handled this situation very well!!
  7. Welcome back and Congrats Lisa!!!! I am soo glad everything went perfect for you Can't wait to see the pictures!!!!
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    to the forum!!!!
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    Syl's Dreams Cancun Review

    Welcome back and Congrats!!!! I am so happy that everything worked out fine for you. Your wedding looked amazing!!!!
  10. Our forecast had thunderstorms the entire week... Not a drop of rain during our stay Quote: Originally Posted by mummergirl so can someone please tell me that it rains every day for like 10 minutes and is then sunny the rest of the day? because this is NOT what i want to see right now! rain every single day!!! 10 Day Weather Forecast for Cancun, Mexico - weather.com
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by June_Dreams what website did you get your sashes from?? I got the sashes and the table runners from this site: 8x108 - Organza Sash ( 10 Pcs/PK) Their prices are excellent and I got my order really quick!!!
  12. Quote: I feel so horrible that I did this to you. To b clear; when I scheduled the wedding I did not know there was another one that day. If it is any consolation, we really wanted the 12th, but it was the only day they wouldn't give us (I assumed because they already had one planned this day, I did not know they were putting our weddings so close together at all. I'm kinda late with everything I do, so no dead bodies please. Take your time and tell Claudia not to worry about me. We're doing pics first and frankly don't mind a sunset ceremony. FI's parents would probably like it better! I feel really bad about this, but have the date printed on so many things I can't change it now!! Please blame Dreams, not me They would have scheduled another wedding that day regardless. It just so happens that you both are on this forum. The only day I did not see any weddings was on Sunday but the rest of the days there was a wedding in early afternoon, late afternoon and evening. No way to really avoid this.
  13. I gave up the DJ to save myself some money. I rented the sound system and it came with the guy to work it and the lights outside. I was surprised that they provided the lights. Quote: Originally Posted by mummergirl diana i forget, did you have the dj? that might have been why you were given strobes and disco lights. just wanted to check because we are not using a dj or even the sound system, just our own ipod & docking station.
  14. Quote: Dreams Cancun Brides....How is the bug situation down there? I have a major bug phobia and I am wondering if I should just bring some Off wipes...or ya..a can of Raid..LOL In Punta Cana it was little lizards & frogs,..ALL OVER...So I am wondering if it's the same in Cancun, specifically at Dreams ? I brought some bug wipes with like 60% Deet. I hate bugs!!! I did not use them once I was not bit by one and I usually get eaten alive by mosquitos. I really think it was all that tequila I had in my system, lol, they did not dare bite me!!! I would bring it but I doubt you will need it. I did see a roach on one of the outside walls when I was walking outside but that was it. No bugs in the room or near the pool or beach. Quote: Also...For those of you that used the sound system for your reception on the Lobby Terrace...Should I bring extra lighting for the area where the sound system is? I don't want to be dancing the dark ...Maybe some lanterns or something? How is the lighting in that area? The terrace was dark but they set up some strobe lights and some other types of lights that made it feel like you were in a disco. I would not spend any more money buying extra lighting.
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by mummergirl i don't think it would matter too much if one wedding was at the gazebo and the other one on the beach. but then i guess your choices for cocktail hour and reception locations would be whomever signed the contract first. but yeah, if both weddings are at the gazebo and only an hour apart, i'd be pissed off because i want some pics in front of the gazebo with my family and guests and would be majorly annoyed if they were breaking down the chairs and everything to set up for the next couple! One part that I forgot to include in my review was that there was a wedding right after mine. To be honest it did not interfere with mine so I did not even notice it. The other bride was not a member of this forum and I just so happen to ask Cecilia if all the reception venues where available for me. That is when she told me that there was another wedding and they were having their reception at the beach by Himitsu. I freak out for a minute but figured they would not allow the weddings to clash. The other bride was getting married in the gazebo as my guests where having the cocktail hour in the terrace. Everyone in my party clapped and cheered the other bride as they walked down the walkway after their wedding. The other bride's party loved it and came over to talk to some of my guest. During all of this I was taking pictures by the Himitsu beach so I had no idea. I did not get to see her at all. When we got back for the reception the other bride was having her cocktail hours in the garden. A By the time it was time to dance out in the terrace the other party was moved to their reception at the beach. I think it all worked out well and Cecilia and Claudia handled both parties very well. We both had our own set of waiters and bartenders. The time schedule for a wedding is as follows: 30 minutes for wedding (it is actually more like 15 minutes but they allow extra time) 15-20 minutes for pictures of guests around the gazebo 1 Hour Cocktail 3 Hours Reception, unless you pay more to add more hours. If your wedding is at 5pm you will be out of the gazebo by 5:45pm and they can set up the next wedding in about 15 minutes. I watched them do this on another wedding while I was there. Hope this helps some of you who are concerned about having a wedding right after or before yours