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  1. I've been in contact with Nicole today through email. Maybe she was just busy? Rachel, I see that your wedding is fast approaching. You must be getting soooo excited!!! I'm excited for you I have a question on tipping. I tried searching several times for tipping and LC and I searched this thread as well and can't seem to find it. I know there was some discussion before on tipping. Can someone just post the link so we don't have to rehash everything? I know tips are included for the wait staff, however I want to tip Nicole and the minister seperately. I'm not sure though what the appropriate amount would be though? Would someone be willing to post or PM me what they tipped? Despite the cost, I decided to book the hairstylist since my hair is curly and can get really frizzy due to humidity. I know Ann really liked her hair and the pics are awesome. Did any other LC brides use the stylist at Loccoco and what was your experience? Do you have any pics?
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    The Person Below Me- Game!!!

    I'm sure he would be happy with any song. If money, education, experience ect..was not an object, would you switch careers? If so, what would you do?
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    At home civil ceremony

    We are doing the legal ceremony at home since we don't want to take a blood test in Mexico and wanted to have more control over our ceremony in Mexico. I was worried getting married before would take away from it. The only way to downplay it would have been to get married in jeans and sign the papers in somewhere like a coffee shop. But just could not wrap my head around that. Even though our real marriage is in Mexico, the legal aspect does mean something to me. So we are getting married the next day we return at city hall with a few close friends and my parents. Then we are going out to dinner afterwards. The great thing about it is I get to wear another dress
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    The Person Below Me- Game!!!

    I recently quit a job and although I wanted to go down in a blaze of glory and tell him exactly what I thought, I left respectively. Q-If you could change one law (i.e make something that is illegal-legal) what would it be?
  5. Oh and FH is currently thinking about adding my last name before his. He will still just go by his last name but I think this will give our children more of an incintive to go by my last name his last name versus just going by his last name.
  6. This post has forced me to really sit down and discuss with my FH what we are going to do about the name thing. This is what we have decided and I think it is the fairest solution for us. If we have children, I get 95% say over their first names. However, if there is a name I pick that he clearly hates I will take that into consideration. If we have a daughter, her middle name will be Elizabeth after my mother. If we have a son, his middle name will be Michael after my brother who passed away. Our children's last name will be my last name, his last name. No hyphen, just a space between it. They can choose to just go by his last name or go by both of ours. The important part is that my last name will be on their legal documents. His last name is last since that was the compromise but it also sounds better that way. As for me I will add his last name onto mine, no hyphen. I will go by both my last name and his last name so I guess I better get used to writting out two last names for now on
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    The Person Below Me- Game!!!

    I would be fine with them meeting up for coffee/dinner. I know he loves me completly now and has no "love" feelings for her anymore. He's never felt about her the way he feels about me. However, if it became a regular occurence of them meeting up then I would definately question things. For the ladies, Would you rather have boobs with no nipples or nipples with no boobs?
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    so who do you think these people are?

    I usually don't get excited about actors or read about celebrities but.. My FH has a friend from school who has played a few minor roles in movies like The Butterfly Effect, Mystery Alaska. Well tonight as we were watching Lost, there he was. He was one of the guys on the ship, the one who brought Desmond to the sick room. Ok totally off topic...
  9. I hate how even my own mother does not agree with me and that men have most of their family, friends and society on their side. FI said that if he took my name people would make fun of him. That irks me so much. I thought this was 2008. Also, am I the only woman who is questioning the automatic practice of giving children their dad's last name? Am I crazy to think that it should be equal or at least there should be some recognintion that it can go either way. And on another note, if I were to trace a family tree I think its more accurate to follow the maternal line since you know 100% that the child is the mothers but things happen and you never know for sure if some women along the line stepped out...
  10. With less than 2 months to go, I'm still not sure. The only reason I would change is because I would feel guilty or like I am hurting my husband. But that I feel is not a good enough reason. I'm definately waivering towards keeping my last name. I feel strongly that it is part of my identity and I've had it for 30 years. FI is disapointed when I say I won't take his last name. He even claimed it will make us less of a family once. That really irritated me. A family is much more than a name. It is about love and commitment, respect. When I suggested he take my last name or we combine ours, he said, well that isn't the way things are done. Wow, I did not realize we were living in the 1800's. This really set me off. I mean just because it is a patriarchal tradition doesn't mean it is one that always needs to be followed or make it right. In Canada you could legally rape your wife until 1982. My FMIL tried to make me feel bad by saying she was honoured to take her husbands name. Yeah so what? She was married at 19 years old and went from her parents home to the marriage one. Also, it was a different time period. Please don't take this as me disrespecting women who take their husbands last name. The beauty is that women should have the choice one way or another and do what they most feel comfortable about. I guess my irritation stems from the fact that my fiancee is generally not 'traditional' or 'sexist'. I was shocked by his stance on this matter as it does not reflect him in any other way. He really just feels strongly that he wants to keep his name because it represents his father and grandfather. I get that and would never expect him to give it up. The only reason I suggested to FI that he take my last name or combine ours is so he would reflect on that for a moment and see what a momentous decision that would be and what he was asking of me. Why can't he understand that my name reflects my families. Also, I only have 2 sisters and my one brother passed away so I feel like my dad's name won't be passed on if I don't keep it. Finally, another thing I'm struggling with is why does the last name automatically go to the father? They are just as much the woman's children as the man's and lets face it, the woman goes throuh alot more in terms of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding..ect. I'm saddened that I can't give my last name to my children as would he be if it were reversed. Uggh I wish this decision was easier but its not and I am nowhere near resolving it.
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    The Person Below Me- Game!!!

    Being in an elevator whose cord snaps is the first thing that comes to mind but now that I think about it, ending up alone wihtout friends or family. If you could only choose one more place to travel to in your life, where would you go? In response to Starchild, I take a bath and read a book to unwind.
  12. I've just posted in the other thread. I was wondering if you would give us some details of your special day. I love reading reviews.
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    Recent Las Caletas Bride

    Congrat Jen and Welcome to the forum!! You're pics are beautiful I'm getting married at Las Caletas in April and love seeing happy Las Caletas couples.
  14. Tami, you're dress is beautiful. I love the details on the bust and the veil. You look great in it and your upper body looks good. You're too hard on yourself. No one will notice.
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    TTD flower

    Orange Gladiola