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townie princess

Do I really need a veil?

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I'm not sure if I need a veil, but I'll use any excuse to go into a bridal shop and browse!


I was going to wear a flower in my hair, but now that I've taken some more detailed pics of my dress, I'm reconsidering that idea.


My sister thought it would be great if I had bought a dress that had a long lace train (not happening with the one I bought), so I started looking at long veils last weekend.


Keep in mind that I will be getting married on the beach, so wind will be a factor.


So I saw this beautiful long veil (6 feet long, I'm only 5 feet tall) with silvery hand embroidery along all edges. I also did not realize how expensive these things are, $225 for this one!!!


I'm still on the veil kick, looking at anything that is ivory and lacy. I did see a really cool one online that is fingertip length, and the edging is all trinity knots (goes well with the e-ring), but they don't offer it in ivory, only white.




And the search continues...

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Have you checked out occansey.com for their veils? They custom make them. I bought two (!) and sold one. I'm only 5' too and my veil was 65" I believe. I loved it and I'm so glad I decided to get one. It was only $40 and if you decide you don't want one, the price is so great, it's easy to resell.

Of course, I wore a flower too!

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