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Chris and Chris's Dreams Cancun site visit - not-so-mini review (mucho pics)

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#1 peterpanpixiedust

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    Posted 23 June 2010 - 02:16 AM

    Ok, so after Carolina said I had given a sort of mini review on the Dreams Cancun thread, I decided to do just that when I got my pics uploaded on the review section. So, here is my site visit in a nutshell (a very big one_!

    American Airlines and Cancun airport - A

    We got slightly delayed (right after the pilot told us we should make it to Cancun early... after words he apologized and offered the advice to never trust your pilot - I like pilots with a sense of humor). Two checked luggage per person for free!! (but I think that just changed now to one). The airport was a breeze! After several review browsings, I was shocked to see customs go by so fast. All green lights! But then again, I didn't have tons of wedding stuff (that's next year). No timeshare crazy people in our face either. Now, flying back home was a different story, we waited an hour to check in (don't bother printing out your boarding pass the day before. We paid our resort a dollar a page to print, and there is no express check out in Cancun airport like there is in Chicago). Flight home was fine!

    At Dreams

    Food A+, Drinks A-

    We ate at the World Cafe (only one indoors and air conditioned), Himitsu, Oceana, and Seaside grill. Food at each was awesome. Himitsu and Ocean both have non seafood options, but Oceana is probably best to eat at lunch if you don't like fish. I do, but FI doesn't. Himitsu had non fish sushi even (fruit or beef). We drank at Sugar reef, the swing bar by the pool (can't remember the name), and the lobby. The reason for the A- was because the mixed drinks were tasty, but not much alcohol. I wouldn't say they were watered down, but I'm pretty sure it was only 1 oz of liquor for the entire blended drink. If you want to feel it a little more, I'd say go for jack and coke, or rum and coke or something similar. However, the lobby bar (Rendevous) offers these champagne cocktails that are amazing and you feel pretty quick (try the French one).

    Hair and Makeup, Mireya A+++

    She put up with alot! I am extremely nit picky when it comes to my hair. She was an angel. I prepaid the tip, but ended up giving her extra. I had little expectations for makeup, so I decided to let her go ahead and not bug her, and actually, it was really nice. A little dark, but I smudged it a bit. I will say that the spa has very low lighting, so check your makeup in the natural light before you walk down the aisle. Side note - if any of you break out easy due to moisturizer/spf lotion, I found this spf powder at sephora. It's called Peter Thomas Roth instant mineral spf 30. That is the only spf I had on my face and it's the only part of me that didn't burn. It's not shimmery at all either, so that's good for photos at night, at it's translucent (so everyone can wear it). Does not work your hair part though, because that got completely burned on me, but then again that was the day that I decided to walk an hour to Dreams on the beach LOL

    Couples Massage, A

    They were very accommodating. I heard before that they just lather you with oil and move it around, and I was nervous because I break out with oil (and just about everything else). They ask you all these questions before hand and when I told them about my skin, they offered this oil free lotion, and the massage felt great! Not too rough or soft! No breakouts either! They were going to put us in a room, but then I told them I had requested the palapas by the water, and they moved us no problem. The sound of the water was so soothing.

    Rooms B+

    Overall, I would have given our room an A+. The pyramid ocean front IMO is the best. It's only a step up from standard price wise, and you can't beat the view. But FI wished it was roomier, so I have to take him opinion in my rating. On the other hand, the Club rooms were his favorite. They were very spacious, but those darn rocks ruin every view. I just can't see spending that extra money if I can't get the view I want. I guess that's my hang up. The club rooms are much nicer on the inside though, see pics! But hands down the pyramid has the best view. I have pics of the Pyramid Ocean front, Club Ocean front, and Jacuzzi Junior Suit (club) which is massively huge!

    Claudia, Mike, and Juan

    We met them shortly after we got there. Juan was just there to talk to us about engagement photos, because we are flying in our own photographers (which btw, not only did Claudia say was fine, but told us to make sure they took a day to find the best spots for pictures). We finalized what what wanted with Mike, Chris wanted blu-ray, I wanted a highlight video, and we paid for one extra hour. So we are getting 4 hours total and only paid for one extra (we get 90 minutes with the package, 1 hr extra for not having photos, and we bought 1 hr, and Mike threw in the last 1/2 hour for free!). Claudia made sure it was all updated in our contract with taxes (so, in case you didn't realize, that contract she sends you already includes taxes! Score!). Claudia also traded our wedding parties flowers (we are using parasols) for aisle petals, and our center piece (I'm bringing my own) for 3 flags (those white things that you see in the reception picture). Claudia is amazingly sweet and and wishes it would be her turn to get married (I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her.) At the end I gave her $50 tip, but I'll give her more for our wedding. I just figured that was 10% of our deposit. Juan pushed back our photos nearly a whole day, so Claudia was going to give us day passes, but then she just gave us late check out (which she originally wasn't supposed to be able to do because Dreams was 100% full), and we got to stay after our photos for dinner! Btw, Estaban at the front is an amazing guy, he was the guy responsible for giving us an ocean front instead of a dolphin view (he deserved a nice tip... everyone there does)!

    Juan A+
    Juan's pictures for our engagement were fabulous. He just dove right in (literally in the water) to get the best shots. He also listened to every request, gave us extra time, and photos! I tipped him for that and his great service (about 20%). He does have a strong personality though, when i first met him, I thought he was aggravated, but he's just "to the point". Don't worry, he's really nice! The only thing I didn't like was that I looked hunched over in some pics, but that's not Juan's fault. I'm taller than Chris and try to look shorter. It's a complex...

    Excursions to try - I read about Thai Lounge in Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Magazine and decided to try it. We got an over the water hut with a couch and table. It is at La Isla mall on the lagoon side. I was told it was reasonably priced, but it was actually kind of pricey (about $18-40 an entree, and $10 appetizers, and desserts, and maybe $8 dollar drinks... but in pesos). But it was really nice and in my opinion worth it. Our waiters were Eric and Edgar and were extremely nice. Afterwords, they give you a fish to set free and make a wish on, very zen!

    Paradise Maroma Sunset cruise - $90-$100 for either steak or lobster a person gets you transport to Maroma beach (gorgeous!), welcome champagne, all your drinks on a 45 minute sunset cruise, and dinner and drinks on the beach after wards with a saxophonist playing from table to table (they encouraged us to have a romantic dance together, so we did :-D ), and transport back. About 3 1/2 hours plus transport. They also take your picture and sell it to you.

    Pictures. I decided to post too many, so here's my photobucket. You shouldn't need a password. The first pics are our engagement photos with Juan, the next four are pics of Chris and I at the Royal Sands (the timeshare we stayed at), followed by the graffiti pics I took when I walked to Dreams one day :-( (Claudia is going to try to get someone do to something about that), then a bunch of Dreams resort photos, and the last few pictures are of the Thai Lounge. Sorry there are so many, but I have a problem, and should join over-zealous photographer wannabees anonymous (and these are only a fraction of my the pics I took) And I guess the review wasn't mini either! Sorry, but I hope it helps!

    Cancun pictures by peterpanpixiedust - Photobucket

    #2 chipotle99

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      Posted 23 June 2010 - 03:13 AM

      Chris, these pics are so super helpful! And you look super cute in all the pics, especially when you got your hair did with pink flower and all :) Thanks so much for posting these!

      #3 KB&JC

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        Posted 23 June 2010 - 04:09 AM

        Wow amazing pics! I cant wait to be there!!
        Dreams Cancun
        May 14, 2011
        Bride and Groom +37 booked and counting!!

        #4 AishaB

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          Posted 23 June 2010 - 06:25 AM

          Great review! Congrats and so happy that everything was wonderful! Checked out the pics they are fantastic.
          BDW the best place for my TYPE A personality!

          #5 shanbeth

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            Posted 23 June 2010 - 07:54 AM

            Thanks for all this info. I went with the Club Tower Jr. Suite because my FI likes a lot of room and I'm so glad I did from the photos! Thanks again!!

            #6 KelZavs20

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              Posted 23 June 2010 - 10:41 AM

              Thanks so much for all your detailed pics!!!
              Especially thankful for the Himitsu beach pics!
              That grafitti is awful.....

              #7 JanineA

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                Posted 23 June 2010 - 10:45 AM

                Nice pics from your site visit Chris, the place looks gorgeous and your wedding is gonna be fab! Loved the FIFA World Cup Board...lol!

                #8 wilsoml2

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                  Posted 23 June 2010 - 12:29 PM

                  Thanks for sharing the pictures! I'm the same way, I probably had several hundred the last time I was there! I appreciated the pictures of the Himitsu Beach set up. Do you know if those centerpieces were the 'free' ones? I thought they were bigger and rounder.

                  #9 hoyt75

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                    Posted 23 June 2010 - 01:13 PM

                    Thanks for all the photo's. I'm sure the future Dreams brides will find them very helpful!

                    #10 meldal101010

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                      Posted 23 June 2010 - 01:30 PM

                      Thanks for all the pics!! I especially loved the one of you & FI on the hammock :) Such a sweet couple!

                      Glad you had a great time & looking at all the pics makes me want to be there right NOW!!

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