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Don't Date Him Girl !


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Ha! This site slays me....I bet we've all dated someone worthy of being called out...smile120.gif Women. Dating. Safer. Smarter. DontDateHimGirl


One of my favorites:


Click the image to open in full size.

Derrick "D., Dizzel" Cline


Will cheat on you multiple times with highschool hoes.


When dating him he will say I love you as much as possible to make you believe it, and then when he suddenly can't trust you, dumps you. Says he's too young, and immediately knocks up his rebound. .


Smokes his brain away among other drugs..




His highschool education is questionable at best.


Treats you like a slave.

Treats you like shit.


Seriously girls, its not worth the time, his friends will warn you ahead of time, and they are RIGHT!

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I first heard about this site around 2 years ago and I had to check it out right away. Well, small world, there are 2 guys I went to high school with on there. And, they were really bad, nasty things that these girls had to say. But, if you deserve it, you deserve it.

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