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Jason & Karen's AHR this Saturday!! Do i need anything else?

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Please let me know if there's anything I'm missing. I can be such a nut about this stuff and have never been to an informal wedding celebration so I have no guide books and nothing to reference. I don't want to make this into something it's not (a formal reception). We just want a low key celebration that still has a bridal feel. BTW We eloped to Mexico. Everybody knew and was supportive. I have no regrets and loved my wedding but there might be a teensy part of me that feels a little guilty. OK So Here are the details.


So Senor Jason and I are having our little AHR on Saturday (8/4/07- our one month-a-versary as a married couple) for 23 of our friends and family at our favorite Mexican Restaurant at 5 p.m. in Saratoga, NY. Saratoga is a quaint resort town famous for it's race track which is only open from late July to early Sept. It has a lively night life during track season. So after our dinner party a bunch of us are going out for a pub crawl.


Our menu consists of salsa & chips as a starter, then black bean soup, and a choice of 5 entrees (Pollo San Marco, Fajitas, Enchiladas, Flautas Mexicanas, and Cochinita Pibil). Special menu cards are going to be at each place setting. We ordered a small wedding cake (sponge cake with alternating layers of rasberry mouse and gran manier chocolate mousse). The cake topper consists of fresh white orchids and white lillies to match our oringinal wedding cake from Mexico. The cake and a digital picture frame showing a slide show of our pics will be displayed on a small table. I got a pretty ivory china cake stand to display the cake. Thinking of scattering rose petals on the cake table. We will do a cake cutting after dinner. Our favors are going to be various Mexican candies (Ibarra chocolate, De la Rose Marzapan, Strawberry/ Hot Pepper lollipops, Lollipops that come with fortunes in Spanish, and some other goodies). We are putting them in small brown paper bags from Target that look like tiny lunch bags that we are stamping with our monogram stamp that we ordered. This is like a tribute to my late grandparents who used to give me treats in brown paper bags they called goodie bags every time I went to their house. I'm thinking of getting a small journal to pass around in which our guests can write marriage advice or messages to us. We will be giving framed wedding pics to our parents, stepparents, and Jay's grandma. We decided against centerpieces and other decor because we didn't want to go overboard and the place is already nicely decorated. I think balloons and banners would be cheezy.


I'm wearing an ivory cocktail dress that I wore on our wedding night to the famous wedding night dinner. I'm having my hair done in a chignon. Jay is wearing the pants and shirt he wore on wedding day.


Whew! So that's that. I'm pretty sure everything is fine the way it is but i get so anal and obsessive about this stuff. So if its fine please tell me "Karen stop obsessing and enjoy". If theres a suggestion please share.

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I think that sounds aboslutely awesome and perfect!!! It has the casual feel, but with just enough wedding present to not be overwhelming!


I've always had a hard time trying to think of how to do an AHR because I just automatically picture a traditional reception. But what you have outlined above is perfect and I think I'm going to have to subscribe to this thread as a reminder for how to do ours when the time comes! :)

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Originally Posted by lucky k72 View Post
No photogragher. Jay is bringing his fancy camera and a tripod. I'm bringing a camera. I'm sure everyone else will be bringing cameras too. So of course we will be able to share pics.
I figured he would be taking pictures... he has to be in them with you!
Have a wonderful time!
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