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Hi Ladies


i've not been on for a couple of weeks and i've had 40 pages to read through and loads to update you on. 


Firstly let me catch up with everybody, I hope I don't forget anybody.


Joanna, I know i've told you on facebook but congratulations hun on your wedding, your pictures are amazing. x


Mrs Stopps (Josie) congratulations and welcome back i've seen your pictures on facebook and you look beautiful I can't wait to read your review. x


Amurku, welcome as you've probably discovered this thread is a great source of information and support, the ladies on here are fabulous.  I love your dress it is gorgous and congratulations on having your wedding date confirmed.


Nicy, I saw your post on your 18 month flower girl, we are having my niece as a flower girl and she will be 18 months so not sure if she'll behave on the day but we're going to get her a dress anyway and play it by ear.  I love Stevens wedding outfit and like you said the most important thing is that he's comfortable on the day.  The photoframe with your grandads picture in is a beautiful idea, i may do the same I had an aunt that died 10 years ago she was like my 2nd mum and i'd like to feel that she is part of our day. xx  I love your cake toppers and the nails and your hen do sounds fabulous.  I can't believe you're getting married in a couple of months, it has come around so fast.


Herbie, I have never seen your wedding dress before it is really beautiful hun proper princess dress x


Lisa, again another beautiful dress.  Can I ask where you got your personalised love heart sweets from. x


Michelle, I love your OOT bags and AHR invites, shot glasses are amazing, you are so creative hun.  Those are the little things i'm going to miss about not going to Mexico to get married.  Oh and both of your shoes are gorgeous, but I love love love the ivory ones. x.


welcome.gifto the thread Kerry572, Leanne, gom4good (Ceri), gingerpeach and Mich2011 xxxxxx



and breathe lol



Now to update you on what's been going on with me.  I think my last thread was about FI's brother and me arguing and him walking out and telling FI to find another best man.  I sent the brother in law a text that evening and apologised (even though i did nothing wrong) and said lets put it behind us because the only person we are upsetting is Wayne.  He called Wayne the next morning and said that he apologises for shouting at Wayne but he is adamant that he doesn't want to be best man and doesn't want a role in the wedding.  He then replied to my text that I sent the night before 8 hours after speaking to Wayne in the morning and told me that i've got what I want he would love to be best man but he'd rather stay out of it now.  I just replied back ok if that's YOUR decision.  Him and Wayne are talking fine Wayne has just accepted it, i haven't seen him since and don't particularly want to.  I think he is a selfish arsehole and is spiting Wayne just to get at me.  He just wants us to go begging to him and i'm not doing it and i've told Wayne not to either (which he wouldn't do anyway).  At the end of the day he'll have to sit there as a 'normal' guest and watch his only brother get married without him by his side.  His loss!!!


Now for some good stuff.  My sample flower girl dress came, I am so pleased it is just like the picture and the stitching and fabric are perfect and what a bargain £25 including delivery.  I've contacted the seller to get the rest nearer the time and she said that's fine!!


My bridesmaids have all agreed on a dress already, I was a little unsure about whether to order a sample but they have all said this is the one they want and there's no need for them to look anymore, they are so practical and make decisions just like that where as I um and arr for ages.  Anyway i've ordered one in a size 10 as 2 of my bm are a size 10 and haven't changed for years so hopefully it comes and it will be lovely.  It's £60 including delivery, again i've contacted the seller and she said if we like it we can place an order next year for the rest and get a 20% discount.


I've found a DJ and put down a deposit to secure him, I think i've decided on the photographer/videographer but just waiting for their sample DVD.


My table runners came from ebay they are gorgeous and will hopefully match the bm dresses colour perfectly.


I've got my favour bags of ebay I paid £8.50 for 140 of them they are lilac with silver butterflies on absolutely beautiful.


Oh don't know if i told you but our colour scheme is White and Purple, with a butterfly scheme.


Oh yeah, i started pole dancing classes a few weeks ago with a few friends and my sister...OMG such a laugh but i can't even begin to explain how much we ache after every class.








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Welcome back Char! Have you got photos of all your purchases to show us?????


Who is going to be best man now, I think you behaved so well, it's clear who is the arsehole!

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Originally Posted by Nicyx View Post




2 nights in Edinburgh

couple of my friends from Milton Keynes

couple from Warrington

couple from Carlisle

3 of us from Annan

going up on the fri night....Night in with the girls, lots of alcohol, if we go out we go out if we stay in we stay in.....

then shopping, visit to Edinburgh Castle on the sat day then we'll do lunch :)

then on the sat night meeting my FSIL as she lives nr Edinburgh, another friend coming up from Carlisle & another friend who lives in Edinburgh comin out for "MAD" night out :)


So glad its booked now... just need April to hurry up :-) x



Whoop whoop sounds great hun you'll have a wicked time. Can't wait to see the pix :o)

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Hi Jo


Well Wayne said the other day that he is not going to have a best man but i told him not to be so ridiculous we are not letting his brother have the satisfaction of knowing that he has messed that up for him.  He'll probably have one of his 2 close mates but i'm not pushing him at the moment because i know he's upset even though he's not showing it plus we've still got a 16 months until the wedding.



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Welcome back Charmaine! We've missed you too :o)


OMG i cannot believe how bloody stubborn Waynes brother is!! I think he will realise what he's done and it'll be to late. Like you say his loss!! You were such the bigger and better person texting him to apoligise! Well done you and for your reply text to him. Pat on the back for you. Has Wayne decided on another bestman? It is so upsetting when family members act like monsters when a wedding is being planned! I've been there and its not nice! Its very childish and alot of ppl get hurt in the process! Let him play NO part in the wedding its no skin of your nose. You will have the most perfect day :o)


Anyway onwards and upwards for you know that is out the way! Pix pix pix??? Lets see what you've been buying... seems like you are so ontop of things now and on a roll :o) x

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No so much weddingy but i got Scarlett a Hello kitty swim suit today!!! SO cute! lol. The rest of the name transfers came today so off i go to finish the shot glasses.... i've had work up to my eyeballs this last week so i might just have to test the shots out tonight to wind down ha ha.. off out tomorrow for a girlie shop and lunch for mums birthday (sis coming too) really looking forward to spending the day with my two best friends :o)

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Table runners, I got 14 for £35 including delivery, they are a beautiful shade of purple. I also go the chair sash bows in the same colour, 120 for £105 but the Golf Club where i'm having my reception are going to buy both table runners and chair sash bows off of me after the wedding for £90 for both, which i didn't think was bad at all.  They can then hire them out themselves when they do functions because at the moment they hire.






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My bridesmaid dresses, i told the girls that seeing as they are paying for their own dresses they can choose their own as long as they all agree on the same dress.  I thought it would be a problem as they range in size from 8 - 20 but they all like this dress.  I've ordered one to see what the quality is like.




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    • OMG these are incredible! Seriously blown away by the thoughtful detail you have put into every aspect of your gifts, your guests are going to be amazed! Props to you for adding so many personal touches and putting in so much time to make these gifts amazing!
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