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Hey everybody,


Yesterday, I start working on my DIY aisle runner. I've look on internet and it was tooooooo expensive for me. So I decide to do one by myself.


My aisle runner is brown and the petals are tiffany blue. I have a turquoise rubbon that I glue all around it.


The first step was to do the monogram! OUFFF! It was suuuuper long. Because my aisle was brown and I had to paint it 2 times to have the color that I want.


The second step was to glue the rubbon. I start using fabric glue but it's scrap... It is long to dry. So we change for glue gun. BETTER!


The final step was to glue the petals. I'm currently doing it. I have to glue around 4000 petals! fencing.gif Really tricky! But I have a wonderful boyfriend that is helping me glue all the petals!


Picture are coming for tonight! PROMISE! smile123.gif

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Hey girls!


Here is the picture.

First, you need to cover your table. Because the glue gun is hot and your table don't like that! rofl.gif

You need to roll your aisle runner. Because if you have 25 ft. like us that a long piece of fabric.

We used 200 petals per 14 inches. That the cover that it give.

Finally, it's the monogram that I've paint yesterday (around 6hrs of painting). I know i'm slow but you need to take your time when you do a monogram. The first coat of paint was done with my laptop with a projector. The image was on the wall that I've cover with wax paper. The second coat was done on my kitchen table. (Sorry I don't have any picture for the process of painting)

That's it! I want opinion!



**Sorry I don't know how to post picture directly on the page... Just copy-paste the link to see the picture.

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Ooo great idea!! I would love this with pink/white petals scattered along the edge, and then beach brides wouldn't have to worry about their petals flying away in the wind!


Yours looks wonderful, lots of petals left to go :) I wish I could come help, glue gun in hand.

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