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    Glad you are here! There is lots of helpful information and great resources on here! Congratulations!
  2. Thanks so much everyone! Everything is starting to fall in to place. Monica- your website looks awesome- good job! Baby pics are an adorable idea!
  3. Thanks everyone! You can get a 7 day free trial if you want to and see how you like it 6months it's $39.00 1 yr. its $49.00 2 yrs. its $69.00 You can also remove the .wedsite from the URL for 19.00/yr so it would just be: Brentandkat.com instead of Brentandkat.wedsite.com The CD of your website is $29.00 + $15 for extras. It's super easy to work with, they don't advertise on your Wedsite AND you can do RSVPs online- which I LOVE since our guests are a pretty young crowd. Please let me know if y'all need help with Wedsite- I had fun making mine so I would be happy to help! Here is the link: http://wedsite.com/
  4. katbrown

    My OOT Bags

    They look GREAT! I LOVE Vistaprint! So.. random question.. about how much are y'all spending on per bag if you don't mind? I'm going to have about 60 guests or so- seems like it would get really expensive really fast! I have no idea how much to budget for? And how are you dealing with people staying at other hotels?
  5. Thanks so much Jen! I put a lot of work into it, so that is definitely nice to hear!
  6. After spending so much time searching for a website host and creating our page, it's all done! YAY! Let me know what you think- anything I need to change? P.S. I highly recommend Wedsite.com- it looks awesome, its super cheap and you can get a copy of it onto a CD for keepsake. www.BrentandKat.wedsite.com
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    We decided to do Koozies for our favors. Plus its open bar, and its in Vegas... so we figured people would definitely need them! I ordered the collapsible ones that come with the bottle and can ones together. Everyone we have shown loves them! We ordered burnt orange because we both went to UT, so it seemed appropriate Let me know if you have any questions! Here is a picture
  8. katbrown

    Confused noob!

    Also- Miranda- Check out Britt Pierson. He is a little better priced, but he looks pretty awesome. I've booked him for my wedding!
  9. katbrown

    Confused noob!

    Well, just FYI I'm getting married at The Grove it is BEAUTIFUL and they have several outdoor ceremony sites as well as a couple of indoor reception facilities. You should definitely check it out! They are AMAZING and can accommodate you with everything! The best thing is the prices! Here is their website. PM me if you need more info about it! Here is the website: The Grove a Las Vegas Wedding and Reception Facility Happy planning!
  10. katbrown

    Vendor Question

    Sorry this is so late- Just FYI, I would recommend a girl called Victoria Robles- I had a trial run with her when I went to Vegas to see my venue. She did a really great job- she uses airbrushing and it definitely stays on all day! She has a great hair girl as well who did a great job! Here is her website: Veronica Good luck!
  11. katbrown


    I spent DAYS searching for a koozie (koozy, coozie, coolie) vendors and I just wanted to save you all some time if you are looking. I ordered mine from Personalized Drinkware - Koozies, Water bottles & Glassware - Weddings, Parties & More and they sent me a proof within a day and I received them within 2 weeks of the order. Also, you can order can and bottle Koozies together (which might be my FAVORITE thing about it)! On all of the other websites they made you order separately so you usually had to order 100 of each. PM me if you want to see pics! Just thought this was a good find and wanted to let you all know!
  12. Also checkout Veronica I went to check out my venue last week and did a trial run with my hair/makeup with them. They are super friendly and did exactly what I asked. She also does airbrush makeup and it literally stayed from 9:00am until about 11:00 that night perfect! DEFINATELY check them out! they are also very reasonably priced and come to your hotel room so you don't have to leave! :-D happy planning!
  13. katbrown


    Hi all! My name is Kat Brown, I just got engaged this weekend and have secretly been stalking this forum for the past 4 months- now I can be official. We are getting married in Las Vegas at The Grove on July 10, 2010! Glad to be a part of the forum! Can't wait to finish the planning!http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...ilies/woot.gif