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  1. I was wondering if anyone has used the Simple Weddings Las Vegas people? Their prices look good, but was just wondering if anyone has any experiences to share? I was thinking of using them for an in-suite wedding or possibly get married at the Bellagio fountains..... Any advice would be great! Thanks!
  2. Hey! There are a couple of different things that you can do. It all depends on how many people there will be and what all you are looking for. There is the Chapel in the Clouds at the Stratosphere which is cool if getting married at the top of the needle is what they want. You'll have to check their site for exact amounts. There are plenty of other options at most of the hotels. There is always a basic one and then you can add-on things. Just check for photography, As for the Valley of Fire, I think, is going to be more than $750, but I'd check the forum on that to be more certain. If you could give a few more specifics, like how many people and what type of setting you are looking for as there are so many different places (lakes, boats, parks, restaurants, hotels, hotel suites, desert). Also, you might want to check the forum for some ideas as well.
  3. I know this is off the Strip, but has anyone been to the M Resort and if so, what type of room and how was it?
  4. I make Tres Leches cakes all the time. I definitely wouldn't keep it out in the heat. Traditionally it is made with homemade white/yellow cake. I personally don't use the box cakes, but you can if you're in a pinch. I add rum extract to the cake to give it a little zip. I think that you should be prepared for it to be very rich if you do a chocolate one as the traditional one is very rich. I normally top it with homemade whip cream and have bowls of fruit for people to add. If you decide to add cocoa to the flour, be sure to sift very well as the cake needs to be super light to absorb most of the three milks. If you'd like the traditional recipe from scratch, let me know and then you could try and tweak it for chocolate. Good luck!
  5. I am not sure about the companies you are specifically looking at, but there is a thread specifically for the Valley of Fire on the Vegas page. I think that will be the best place to look and to gather information and get great ideas on photographers, etc. I would just suggest not doing it in the middle of summer as it will be very hot. Good luck and keep us posted!
  6. My parents go there every winter for a few months. Destin is a beautiful place. I think that you will enjoy it there. My folks stay at the Hidden Dunes resort right down from the Sandestin Hilton. Just give a few ideas as to what you are looking for in general and I'm sure that we can help you out.
  7. I haven't had an in-suite reception yet (am getting married in March/April of 2010 at the Mandalay Bay Vista Suite). As far as I know, I wouldn't say that it is an in-suite reception when booking the room. Just pick a suite and then have "a party." I think on one of these posts there is a reference to cold-cut trays, etc. If you rent the room the day before, you can start getting the cake, etc. and bring them up to the room. If you aren't wanting to be as sneaky, then I fear that you will have to pay the money for the food. Try checking some of the older posts and I think you'll find people who have done it this way. Good luck!
  8. The Wynn is incredible. Pricey, but incredible. I'm going to be having an in-suite wedding at Mandalay Bay so that we can overlook the strip. You should also check out the new City Center. They have three or four hotels in the building. Looked incredible being built when I was there last. Good luck with your planning and thanks for doing the reviews!!!!!
  9. Those are SOOOO cute!!! I'm getting married in Vegas and I might have to "borrow" your DIY. These are great!!!!!!!
  10. I am thinking of having my wedding and reception at Mandalay Bay in one of their Vista Suites. You can either book it and thendo the reception yourself or you can connect with one of their coordinators and they'll set it all up for you. Angela is the coordinator that I am working with and she is great! As for winter deals, I think you just have to look or call them and ask. Many places are having deals right now. Good Luck!!
  11. Thanks for the links, Married in Maui! I had looked at a few of those before and although great and beautiful invitations, I was wanting something in the middle of formal and whimsical. I'm thinking that I might make my own if I can figure out how to make it the way I want it. I found a template for a portfolio-styled envelope and thought of using it along with a map, etc. If my diy doesn't turn out so great, I really liked your suggestion of the boarding pass. Thanks again!
  12. I have seen some incredible and inspiring beach invitations, but I am getting married in Las Vegas. Most of the invitations I have seen on the Web for Las Vegas have either been too formal or a little too gimicky for what I am looking for. I was wondering what other Vegas brides have done or if you all have made your own? I was leaning towards making my own, but am needing a little inspiration.
  13. I agree. Don't stress because I am sure that it will be great. I usually just look at the most recent reviews and then I see if there are complaints, what kind they are. If it sounds like they are being unreasonable with their pickiness, I ignore it. I think you should be good to go since 90% are positive.
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