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Can people please share with me what tools you used to make the invitations. Did you use a hand held rotary cutter or a mounted one? What type of perforator did you use? And how on earth did you cut out those notches? Everyone's boarding passes on here look so great and I'd love to do them on my own. It's just seems difficult finding all the supplies.


Please also share if you have any good websites for card stock. I have white card stock for the invitations but would need something for the jackets.



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Hi Kimmy. So here's what I used and there's a link to my boarding pass STD's in my siggy so you can see the outcome. Bought a Fiskar's rotary trimmer that has interchangeable blades, a perforating blade to perforate the left end & stub end, and a small corner rounder to round all of the corners. To get the cut-out notches you just bend the left end of the pass (after you've perforated it) and then use the corner rounder on it. Voila, the notch comes out great!


Here are links to show you what I used. I bought my supplies at Michael's and you can usually find coupons online or if you sign up on their email list they'll send them to you.


Amazon.com: Fiskars 12" Desktop Rotary Trimmer: Home & Garden


perforating blade:

Amazon.com: Fiskars Portable Rotary Trimmer 28mm Replacement Blade, Perforating: Home & Garden


corner rounder (size small)

Paper Shapers CornerAdorner Small Corner Rounder Punch


Two good sources for paper & cardstock I used were PaperPresentation.com (they have a store in NYC too) and cardsandpockets.com. Sometimes you can get lucky at Michael's too. Not sure where you are, but if there's a Paper Source store near you they have great paper, envelopes, cardstock, etc too (they have a website too).


This is the paper we used for our ticket jackets:



Hope that helps. Good luck!

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Hello Kimmysals,


there's a link to my STD in my signature - all the tools I used are indicated there ! Good luck with your projects !

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