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Matching rings?

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So my fiance says I'm really good at narrowing things down to 2 options, and they are usually totally different styles... In that spirit, we've been looking at wedding bands, and have been considering getting matching bands. The alternative is that he wants a thick tungsten band, and I'd get a delicate eternity.


We've been looking at posey bands if we decided to do matching. I'd end up moving my e-ring to my right hand. I really like the history to them, and think it would be nice to have matching bands. They're also unique and different, which is cool. Check 'em out... Poesy Rings, Promise Rings, Renaissance Wedding Rings

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I've never heard of those ... but I do like it!!!


Tom has a strong Irish background, and I am part Irish too ... so the Gaelic ones will be good for me to suggest to him.


Thanks for sharing and let us know what you decide on!!!

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Originally Posted by naughie View Post
those ARE pretty cool....

would the eternity match your engagement ring? are you planning on wearing the e-ring after the wedding? i'm not sure if the posey ring would match an e-ring....

hope that helps ...
My e-ring isn't going to match anything properly (custom made ring), but looks nice with a very thin eternity band. I do want to keep wearing it though - so I would just get it resized for my right hand. Only problem is I got a promise ring before the e-ring, and I currently wear that on the right hand. I love that ring. I could have it reworked into a necklace - his idea actually.

I haven't decided if the posey rings look sort of like something I would've worn in high school though. I really like that they're cast from the originals, most of which are in museums. And I think its very cool to have matching rings. We of course could just get matching bands, but I want something a little different...
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