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Budget Resort Ideas

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Hi there!

I'm having my wedding at Beaches Negril Jamaica. It seems to be quite reasonable and they always seem to be having sales. We booked a room for our photographer and for 4 days it would have been around 1280 with airfare.

We've been hunting for alternative accommodations for people who would like to come but can't afford the resort. The cheapest thing we have found so far is checking out Travelocity. I need to do a little more research about quality but there are some places that offer 750 pp including flight for 5 days they are close by and seem decent.


I hope this helps!



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If you're set on Jamaica, I was able to get a really good price for the Riu Negril. We're leaving January 5 and our guests are paying $1416/each out of Toronto, and it's a 5 star resort. Maybe you just need to find a new TA that will find the right price for you.

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