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    Newbie! Beaches Negril

    Thanks Everyone!! Quote: Originally Posted by Josie1073 Hi Angela and welcome to the forum! What an incredible engagement story! Good luck planning...I'm soon behind you at the Sandals Negril in December Awesome! I'll be sure to let you know how it was down there!
  2. I am also using the same colors. When I figure out how to upload photos I'll send you a pic of our invites. I'm having troubles finding the right BM dresses. My hope is to alternate between the 2 colors, since one of my bridesmaids refuses to wear orange.
  3. Bangela

    Budget Resort Ideas

    Hi there! I'm having my wedding at Beaches Negril Jamaica. It seems to be quite reasonable and they always seem to be having sales. We booked a room for our photographer and for 4 days it would have been around 1280 with airfare. We've been hunting for alternative accommodations for people who would like to come but can't afford the resort. The cheapest thing we have found so far is checking out Travelocity. I need to do a little more research about quality but there are some places that offer 750 pp including flight for 5 days they are close by and seem decent. I hope this helps! Angela
  4. Has anybody recently been there? Also, I guess there are a ton of weddings there in October. When I called I orginally wanted the 10th and I was pushed to the 22nd. Is anybody else getting married there within the next year or so? Also has anyone else had trouble contacting the wedding cordinator? I live on the west coast so it seems like she is never there. What are the things you shouldn't skimp on? We're bringing our friend who is a photographer with us so that's one thing we won't have to worry about. Thanks!! Angela
  5. Bangela

    Newbie! Beaches Negril

    Hello everyone! My name is Angela, I will be married on October 22nd 2010 at Beaches Negril. I am really excited to hear about everyone's experiences and how they put everything together! My fiancé Josh and I got engaged on September 4th. He works in the skydiving industry and proposed to me in freefall. He brought a big prop box and what I thought was a real ring in freefall. He flew up to me opened the box and asked me to marry him . I was shocked, and so excited! My first response was " No way" because I couldn't believe it was happening. And as soon I realized what I said it was "YES yes yes" and all smiles. When we landed he had a crew to help bring him the real ring and take pictures. It was awesome. And then the planning started, which brings me here! Congrats to everyone out there~