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Bye Bye Friend

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Unfortunately when it comes to weddings, you really do find out who you're true friends are. I lost a friend/ bridesmaid but that just means it wasn't meant to be... maybe our friendship was just over. Just remember who is going to be there for you... those are the friends that are worth your friendship!

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Originally Posted by sungoddess_08 View Post
I understand! My best friend said she could not afford to come to our wedding and be a bridesmaid. She said they couldn't afford it - and I just found out they booked a trip to Mexico this month. I am hurt, and mad -- I just can't believe she'd lie to me about it.
I completley understand, and unfortunately this sort of thing happens and shows who your true friends are.

I know what you mean about not affording it, but then making a major purchase. But remember, they probably were planning on going on a vacation anyway, and they knew they couldn't afford your wedding AND Mexico (and their priority was Mexico). People don't want to stop their lives for a wedding I guess (it just stinks that she could have gotten a vaction AND a chance to see your wedding if she just kept an open mind and maybe choose Mexico for another year). Sometimes people don't realized how something so "complicated" could be solved with such a simple compromise. You all have such good friends that are coming, so celebrate them!

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One of my friends told me she wouldn't be able to make our buck n' doe because she wouldn't be able to find a babysitter for her 2 year old in time. She told me that in September -- our buck n' doe was the end of February. I told her I found it very hard to believe that she wouldn't be able to get someone to watch him with 5 months notice. She's an idiot.


Another friend said she couldn't afford to come to our wedding in Jamaica, but I found out she could afford to fly to Ireland and f*ck around over there for 2 or 3 weeks. Niiiccce. Happens to all of us!

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Wow, I can't believe how many a-holes there are out there! I really thought this wasn't super common but it's amazing how many flakey people there are.


I lost 3 groomsmen & 2 bridesmaids and spent weeks in tears over it. Both groomsmen are no longer our friends. One groomsman we haven't heard from in a YEAR, another groomsmen say he couldn't get the ONE day he needed off work but has managed to go to another DW the month before ours that he was invited to AFTER he accepted being a groomsman for us... then he had his girlfriend that I had just met email me saying they weren't coming, didn't even have the decency of a text or email from himself. I wish people were just straight up honest!


Everyones right though, it's amazing how weddings really put people in their true light and it's a rough time to find out who your true friends are in life but good to know as well that we can weed out the people that are not dependable.

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