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Travelling with a wedding dress - UK BRIDES

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#1 ~Katie~

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    Posted 19 March 2010 - 05:54 AM


    I know there's a similar thread already, but I wanted to get advice specifically from UK brides in case it's any different!

    I am flying with Thomson and have been told I can take my dress on as hand luggage...so far so good....then at a later date I got told yes as hand luggage, but that it needs to comply with their luggage dimensions - 50 x 40 x 20. I just can't see my dress fitting in something so small.

    I wanted to carry it on and hang it up.

    Has anyone else had an experience with this? I really don't want to have to put it in a suitcase and put it into the hold

    Thanks :)

    #2 josietoms

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      Posted 19 March 2010 - 08:16 AM

      Hey, I too am travelling with Thomson and have been told the same thing. I will definately be taking mine as hand luggage but will have it in a dress bag and fold it in half ie; hook the bottom over the top of the hanger. Last time i was on a flight and there were several B2B on there the air stewards took the dress and hung it up at the front so Im hoping they will do this for me as well.

      My dress isnt v bulky though it a grecian style so it is quite lightweight - i think it would be more difficult if you have a full wedding dress though.
      Josie x

      #3 Catalyst

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        Posted 19 March 2010 - 04:31 PM

        I think it largely depends on which airport you are flying out of rather than the airline's rules. I can't speak about wedding dresses in specific but I do know that from past experience at Gatwick that they will only allow you one peice of hand luggage and it does have to comply with the specified rules and restrictions for size and weight. That being said they didn't seem to care when I spoke with one of the security agents about whether it was actually put into that size a case etc provided it could fit in that size a case and weighed about the right amount.

        That was as of the last time I travelled last October. From what I understand Heathrow is a little bit more relaxed about that kind of thing. For instance my parents had to check their hand luggage when they were at gatwick but did not when they flew from heathrow. *Shrugs* It might also come down to how nice the check in agent is as well.

        I would check with the airport itself and thomson. I've always had trouble getting clear answers from either though and have just kinda had to tough it out on the day of travel.

        I've been moving between north america and the UK a few times over the last year due to work and family obligations so I've had to look into these things a few times unfortunately.

        #4 baj

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          Posted 19 March 2010 - 05:38 PM

          Hi, I have just returned from my wedding in Negril, also went with Thomsons, got a flight case from TJ Huges and packed my wedding dress into this with lots of tissue paper, hung it up in the bathroom and let the shower run to get the few creases out the day of the wedding. Some bridal shops will pack the wedding dress for you.

          Good luck

          #5 sam33

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            Posted 20 March 2010 - 12:37 PM

            Im flying with Thomsons too, and im going to take mine as hand luggage, there is no way im putting it in the hold, might never see it again.
            Katie - i dont think mine will fit in a bag/case so small either, but im gonna have a good try nearer the time.

            #6 roo66

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              Posted 21 March 2010 - 02:17 PM

              Im sure ive been to a bridal shop where they used as part of the sales pitch they can pack the dresses in a box that goes as hand luggage.I guess if someone googled it they may find a company that sells the box.Just a thought.I flew out of gatwick last April and there was a bride carrying her dress over her arm.

              #7 donutdjn

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                Posted 21 March 2010 - 03:00 PM

                hi, i have bought a box from the empty box company which fits the hand luggage dimensions, has a handle so you can carry.

                #8 roo66

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                  Posted 22 March 2010 - 03:50 PM

                  Girl if you google christina k a wedding shop in Maidstone kent they have the box that i was on about.I dont think it was this shop that told me about boxes that you can use as hand luggage but they are available in this shop.
                  I think i will go with this option i remember last year at Gatwick the poor girl seemed to be fighting with her dress bag re positioning it over her arm etc.
                  The box looks pretty and im sure the bridal shop know just how to pack.

                  #9 josietoms

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                    Posted 22 March 2010 - 03:59 PM

                    i have spoken to the people who are making my dress and they have said once i have had the final fitting they will pack it for me - im sure if you speak to any bridal shop they will help.
                    Josie x

                    #10 ~Katie~

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                      Posted 30 March 2010 - 05:30 PM

                      thanks everyone for your help...

                      I have decided that there's no way in hell it's going in the hold, so somehow I have to get it on as hand luggage, and have someone else take all my stuff that I actually want for hand luggage!!

                      going to make a few phone calls tomorrow but I'll let you all know how I get on...I don't think my dress will fit in a box! (has to be 55 x 40 x 20cms)

                      thanks again girls :)

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