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Attn: Anyone who has been to EDR

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To anyone who has been to the EDR!!

This may be coming out of left field wink.gif but I was wondering:

What are the room keys like? are they a card or an actual key? and What type of safes are they? electronic or accessible by key only?


I told my mother all about OTT bags (yesterday) and she has now taken control of the project(!) She thought it would be a good idea to get the coil wrist bands for them for the guests to attach their keys to. She actually called me from the middle of some store to tell me all about a good deal on them she found....the only thing that stopped her from buying the whole lot was my suggestion that maybe the room keys were actually cards - and therefore her idea wouldn't fly....I had to promise to find out asap!!

Gotta love my mom!!

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You know what? I can't remember!! I know for sure the safes are keys, not electronic (might be different in Casitas, not sure)... but as for the actual key to the room, I can't remember for the life of me! I'm thinking that if I'm having such a hard time remembering, it must be keycards - since that's what I'm used to, otherwise I'd be something I'd notice.

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What if you bought the clear luggage tag things from Office max and attached those to the stretchy bracelet thing? I personally have the issue whether it's electronic or a regular key! either way I still don't have a pocket on my swimsuit!

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