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Wow! The votes for all the options are all so close together, none really stand out as really good or really bad. :-)


Thanks for all the input everyone!! It confirmed what I thought, they all look so great, I couldn't go wrong. Depending on the lighting and my mood, I prefer different ones. But ultimately, I had to make a decision, so here it is:


In last place, option C. When I look at it alone, I really love the lighter blue, but when put next to other colorful items, it sorta loses its *pop*.


Tied for second place, options A & B. Like Ablj mentioned, I love how it reminds me of the sand & ocean. FI prefers the white lettering, but I like both.


Our final choice is option D. I'm really a bright color kind of girl, and this is just so vibrant! We have called it "sunset".


Thanks again!!

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She's a graphic designer, so she's pretty tech savvy. Thank god, cause I'm not. LOL


I think she did some sketches, scanned them, then worked on them using illustrator.

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