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Where Might I Find this Dress?!?

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Hello Girls!


I have been having the hardest time finding Bridesmaids Dresses, and then I saw this one in the 'Bridesmaids Dress' thread (posted by amy715) and fell in LOVE! :)


It is the Sophia Short Dress from JCrew, in the color Quartz. I have serached JCrew's Website, and it doesn't seem to be on there anymore.


Any suggestions on where else I might find ithuh.gif


Click the image to open in full size.


Thanks for your help!!

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Originally Posted by KellyandMatt08 View Post
I've searched far and wide for a dress from JCrew. I called the special occassions line 1-800-205-3877 and they found the dresses and shipped them!! It was an in store only color too!!!
I will call them now! :) THANK YOU!
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Originally Posted by PVBride View Post
Thanks for finding these - I hadn't even thought about Ebay. I need four of them, though. I will keep re-checking ebay for more listings.
I think there were 2 on there, but most of them were the long ones...
You could always post a want it now and the sizes you need
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I did exactly that..I fell in love with a dress from a designer that was no longer available, so I contacted the designer with my sizes and surprisingly, it was cheaper than buying it from the store and its custom made for me..


I would suggest contacting the designer if you can or ebay might be the best option, unfortunately mine was not even available through ebay..Good Luck

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