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Do you use Swagbucks to get free gift cards?

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Hey ladies?

I was just curious if anyone using Swagbucks.com? I have used it for almost a year and I have got a lot of great gift cards to use on Amazon and Itunes. I just thought that I would pass along the info in case anyone else wants to try it.

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Originally Posted by butterfly4kathy2 View Post
LOVE IT! So easy! I just redeemed some points for Amazon gift cards today too! and I was thinking "Why doesnt everyone use this?" lol
OMG, my FBIL was talking about how he was going to buy something expensive on Amazon, but he already has some credit card debt. I was trying to tell him to wait and get some swagbucks to help subsidize the purchase. He told me that it was too much work! I was like "WTF? I just use it instead of google and rake in the dough!"

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