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Hey ladies - I need your help!


My hotel charges an arm and a leg for a manicure/pedicure so I'm trying to find someone who can come to our hotel and do them in my room - have any of you ladies heard of someone who does this?


I am going to ask Fernando but would love to have a vague idea of pricing before going into it...



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Just out of curiosity, what were the prices quoted for pedicure/manicure from your hotel?


Below is the price list from Spa Itza in Playa del Carmen for reference. You can contact them to see if they offer services off site.



You may want to make sure your hotel allow outside vendors to come in and provide service on site. Hope this helps.

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I can tell you with almost 100% certainty that Fernando does not do nails.

That does seems marked up for the hotel to charnge that much but I would keep in mind that anyone who would provide that service would probably charge a lot to come to you and do it. Plus you might have to pay for a day pass for them which would add even more to the bottom line.

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Thanks NaM - I spoke to Fernando and he can bring someone for about $30 mani/$35 pedi. I'm checking with my hotel, though, to see if they'll charge me to let him bring the person!

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I think $30/$35 is waaay too much! I live in San Francisco, one of the most expensive cities in the U.S. and the MOST I've ever paid for a Mani/pedi is $24 for both.


While I was in Cancun, these hotels were advertising that they were looking for waitresses, and stylists to hire, full-time, for the monthly income of $1300 USD. Nobody in Mexico pays $65 for a mani/pedi when they make $1500 working a regular job.


I'm all for handing over our money to people who earn it, and I am a big advocate of charging tourists more. I went to India once and this American guy was arguing with a taxi cab over a few rupees that he got overcharged for his taxi ride...the equivalent of 40 cents... that's just wrong. If we have the money then let's pay up........but within reason!


That said, here is a spa in downtown Cancun...$10 cab ride there, $10 back.

Grand Spa Cancun Masajes Terapia

It's Cancun's only 5 star salon...and it's at fair Cancun prices.


I have a pricelist so PM me if you want info, here are some examples:

Package "Look Great" including:

1hr swedish massage (50mins)

1 balancing facial (45mins)

1 spa manicure and pedicure

hair wash and style


$1590 pesos = $123 USD.


For the day after, they even have a ton of wraps, Agave and Lime, a Mayan Chocolate wrap for $60 for 1 hr.


Now that's a price I'm willing to pay, this is almost a 5hr package! Even too much time for me.

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