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  1. Thanks for the well wishes girls I can't believe it's my turn! Meghan, I hope I run into you. We leave on the 15th, right before your big day! I'm so excited today is my last day at work and my head is already in Mexico! I'll report back soon! Janine (brideJ9)
  2. We leave in 3 days!!! I think as I cross one thing off my To Do list I add another 2! I'm not stressing yet. If what all the brides here say is true about everything is taken care of when your there.... I'm good. I hope! Lol
  3. Janna, thank you so much for the review! It makes me even more excited!!!! As far as a TA, we used a local TA. I started working with DestinationWeddings.com however when our rep. tried steering us away from DPA we dropped them and went to a local TA. I was nice to have our guests deal with someone directly instead of me having to be the go between. It's worked out great.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Ginalyn There is no extra fee to have the reception by the lagoon. I had mine by the lagoon because it was pretty much private. I didn't notice an algae smell but then again, I was married almost a year ago and things can change. Thank you ladies for all of the information on reception places!! I guess I'll just wait until I get there (we leave in 17days!!). I love the lagoon idea because it is private, I'll have to see how the smell of algae is when we get there, I'm guessing depending on the time of year that can change. And if it's cool I'll look at the option above Portfinos. I was hoping to have this planned out before leaving to put it in the welcome booklet, but I'd rather wait for the perfect location then rush and choose the wrong spot for us. All great ideas! Thanks again laides!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by 2010wedding Ginalyn you're right. The "lagoon" is the natural pool. This is where I wanted my reception at 1st however, when we were there, the smell of the algae under Barracuda bar was off-putting. Poolside is by the Adult Pool where we were scheduled to have our reception. Its by Oceana, very lovely. After speaking to Dee, (Dee changed her original location after talking to me about where mine was!!) it was quite cold there so I had my above Portofino. It was excellent. We had 1 long table, dimmed lighting, the floating candles with calla lilies and it was private. A good choice. Thanks agin Dee for the tip! Janna Oh thank you for the heads up about the lagoon! What is it like above Portofino? Is it outdoors? Like a roof top deck? I really want to take advantage of the beautiful scenery and have it outside. Janine
  6. For the girls who just got back or who are about to go.... where did you decide to have your reception? I'm anxious to hear all about it! I'm thinking the lagoon... any other thoughts? 22 days until we leave!!!
  7. We plan on releasing the sky lanterns at our wedding. We got them in our wedding colors, purple & green. One per couple. Then in the welcome booklet I wrote up a little history on them... I think it is a fun and unique idea.
  8. I found my hair flower on etsy.com - my colors are purple and lime also! The hair flower was by 5eizen oy was a real touch ivory flower with purple feathers and tooling with a bling cluster in the center, very classic with a touch of fun!
  9. Congrats! This is a great way to find out fabulous information!
  10. Your pictures were amazing! It makes me even more anxious to go... 4 weeks today we leave!!!
  11. Dee your photos turned out beautiful!!! I'm so excited to go. Thanks for sharing.
  12. I ordered my photo card thank yous from vistaprint and I've been using them for my wedding shower thank you's. If I knew how to upload photos I would show you the card. Also, thank you for the information on the wedding rehersal, that helps me to decide not to do a formal one!!!!
  13. Is anyone doing a wedding ceremony rehearsal? I just got my Q&A form from Jacy- I just assumed we would but then saw there was an extra charge. I'm not sure what the fee is, I have to email Jacy about that. I think we would want to know what's going on before we walk down the aisle??
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