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Does this make me a horrible person????

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    Posted 02 December 2009 - 05:09 PM

    Originally Posted by diamondpooch
    I totally understand that he will one day become wrinkly and lose his hair and possibly be peeing his pants too! :) but those are nature taking course and unavoidable. Being healthy is a choice I thought we agreed upon in the beginning of our relationship.
    I was only looking for advice on a not so odd topic and now ppl are fighting so just nevermind!!! I appreciate eeryine outlook! I really do! I have been thinking them all over today and I actually feel better about it all, so that's good!
    What I love about bdw is how open and honest we r with helping each other during our most special time in our lives and I didn't intend for my thread to cause hostility!!!!

    Truly all the comments, nice and not so nice, have helped me today to look at things another way and I thank u all for that.
    that is great to hear! i hope it all works out with your FI and you reach an understanding.

    Originally Posted by KJT1985
    I'm sorry. I really didn't mean for it to be rude. It was supposed to be a joke and a compliment... :-(
    ok no problem.

    listen ladies i am going to close this thread b/c i think that diamondpooch has what she needs and i don't want it turning into any more drama and misunderstandings. :)

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