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Does anybody else find the "taco Bell diet" ridiculous?

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#1 brandynd

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    Posted 06 January 2010 - 01:57 AM

    Omg, I'm sorry, this is so random and pointless and I know it. I was watching the game with FI earlier, and this ridiculous commercial came on about the taco bell diet. "7 items under 350 calories..." blah blah blah. I'm all for incorporating a splurge or two into a healthy lifestyle, bu how can the fast food chain that has helped fuel Americas obesity epidemic attempt to jump on the health food wagon? Hello, you're not Subway, and she isn't Jared Fogle.
    I just sat through a thirty minute debate with everyone at my house over the validity of this stupid freaking commercial. Yeah, okay cool, you have some items that have below 350 calories, but how many people do you actually know that can hit up a t-bell and only order 1 thing? The food is cheap, and most of the time you're eating there late at night after you've had one too many cocktails (just speaking from personal experience here) It's the drunk munchies capitol of my city, and a staple in the diet of drunken college students, so the whole "low cal" idea kind of negates itself...
    Sorry for the randomness, I just got a giggle out of this ridiculous charade of being a healthy option. They may as well be advertising for "healthy" cigarettes while they're at it. I can just see the lawsuits coming on now. It'll be just like those women who sued McDonalds becase they were overweight. Ahh....I love American capitolism, especially when it comes to the diet industry. Wonder who will cash in and hop on the bandwagon next?
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    #2 Sapphire723

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      Posted 06 January 2010 - 04:21 AM

      The Taco Bell commercials are supposed to be ridiculous.... they're not actually serious. They're making fun of all of the hype while promoting the fresco menu they've had for ages.

      Basically their point is that if you still want to eat Taco Bell, you don't have to get their deep fried taco salad that has 900 calories and 54 grams of fat. Instead, you could get two or even three steak tacos for under 500 calories and 13 grams of fat.

      I think they're really funny, and it made me really laugh when I saw the commercial. Of course Taco Bell isn't diet food... that's what's so funny! :-)

      #3 **~Linda~**

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        Posted 06 January 2010 - 01:13 PM

        I laughed a little when I saw the advertisement. It was just hysterical for me to hear I ate 1 item of this menu. My goodness do you know how many tacos a person can down in less than 5 min. 1 item WTF!! lol! and dont forget its less than 9 grams per fat per item LMAO!

        #4 marak

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          Posted 08 January 2010 - 05:20 AM

          Bahhh, little lamb, bahhhh...

          Just be happy that you are not one of the "avg. americans" that buy into this marketing ploy...Let me digress by saying I've yet to meet someone that DOES buy into this particular ploy, but apparently there are those....

          Regardless...fad diets have been around since the advertising gurus told us we were fat...which made us want to be thin, take up an eating disorder and use heroin...apparently heroin and eating disorders are now bad so Taco Bell is good. Haven't you heard

          I must give TB credit where it is due though...compared to the other fast food chains (and who was this evil person that made them post the calories p/burger in Manhattan...bastards, ruined me on FF, sushi spots love u!)...they are pretty good. While their competitors are fattening us up, I would compare their nutritional value to the girl that is feasting on TP to quench the hunger. Zero.

          That said, TP/TB works for some gals and pre-wedding, fad diets seem to be the trend................all that and secretly, I LOOOOOVE Taco Bell.

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