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    Any other young brides?

    My husband and I just recently tied the knot. He was 23, and I'm 21. Everybody said that we were too young, but it happens at different times for everybody! Just ignore it, they don't know your personal situation!
  2. brandynd

    BDW Cabo trip May/June 2010

    Sad day, this sounds like so much fun, but we just paid off our trip to Punta Cana in October, and DH put his foot down and said no to 2 trips within 4 months.
  3. brandynd

    Hey there CWS fans...

    Hey ladies, thought I'd check and see if there were any other College World Series fans on here. This year is the last year that Omaha will be hosting the world series at Rosenblatte. They're demolishing it after the final game! Anyways, I have access to some super cheap tickets to the world series, just wanted to see if anybody was up for making the trek to Omaha to go to a few games and have a few drinks!
  4. brandynd

    Any Chicago area 2010 brides out there?

    Hey ladies, So, DH and I finally rebooked our honeymoon, and we'll be flying out of Chicago O'Hare on 10/5. We're going to be in IL for a wedding the weekend prior anyway, so it just made more sense to fly from Chicago rather than drive back to Omaha, and then fly in, only to have an overnight layover in O'Hare anyways. Moving on....sorry for the tangent of unnecessary info. I will be in Chicago from the 3-5, at a hotel in my hotel chain, and I won't know anybody or have the slightest idea of how to entertain myself for 36 hours. I know it's way, way early, but is anybody up for some drinks? Yes, no? We've threatened to get together a few times on this thread, and I'm thinking it's time we actually went out and had some fun!
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    Calling all *Curvacious* women!!

    I know! I was sooo peeved at him. Luckily my photog suprised me earlier today with another disc of photos that had been "misplaced". WOOO HOOO!!! I have crown free and coat free photos. I heart my photographer, as he is some kind of special miracle worker. Apparently after I got back on the trolley he whipped the troops into shape and got some good pics of them, which makes me so happy. Anyways ladies, I'm starting to get busy here in the office, so I guess I should actually get some work done....or at least effectively look like I am doing so.
  6. brandynd

    Calling all *Curvacious* women!!

    The whole group....yes, the hiddeous burger king crown made it into ALL of our photos, even the pro ones. Could've killed Lee for that one. Cake time....right before getting it all over my hair. The women of our wedding party....such pretty prett girls! Not really sure why, but this professional photo just makes me sad....it was so cold, nobody would part with their coats, so our photos aren't as pretty as I'd have liked. And oh heck yes, best for last. You all have photos on the beach and in the sunshine, but how many of you have photos directly after a blizzard. That's waht I thought. You know you're jealous .
  7. brandynd

    Calling all *Curvacious* women!!

    Woo hoo! I am (finally) posting my wedding photos. It only took a month and a half to get everything together! Anyways, a few that I've had time to photobucket for your viewing pleasure...(my face looks HUGE in these,but they're still pretty cute) My momma trying to finish getting me ready as I was counting down the minutes and getting VERY nervous. My poor MOH trying to mellow me out.. My half of the wedding party....There were 22 of us!
  8. brandynd

    Starting a Wedding Planning business...crazy?

    I'm doing it! I've never been so passionate about anything I've done, and it's been really rewarding thus far. I'm still staying in school for Psych, but depending upon how this next year shapes up I may forgo the entire Grad school idea so that I can get this up and running. Still thankful for DH's salary, otherwise we'd be living on macaroni and cheese, but he's been really supportive. Woo hoo! The brides I have right now are wonderful, and if I do these weddings well, we have a friend of the family who may hire me for her $80,000 wedding. YAY!!! As for your question, I did not go to Notre Dame. I'm a Creightonian all the way.....Go JBlue ays!
  9. So I've been thinking a great deal about what to do with the remainder of my life....I had always figured grad school would be the next step for me. Idk though, after singlehandedly planning my own wedding, and then taking on the wedding of a friend of mine, a former soririty sister and my cousin and his fiance I think I've decided that this is something I have a passion for. I've picked up on how to negotiate with vendors, and how to weed out the good ones from the bad, as well as planning 4 weddings that were on very, VERY different budgets. I've been thinking about starting a small business and getting into the wedding industry. I'm just not sure if this is a wise business decision. I mean, I live in Omaha, so it isn't like there's a huge market for this, but DH is looking into transferring to Chicago for work. Just wondering if anybody else has any experience in this field, and if this is an idea that could actually come to fruition without me having to live on ramen noodles in a studio apartment. Any thoughts?
  10. brandynd

    The Person Below Me- Game!!!

    1. I'm not much of a kid person. If you could switch places with anyone for a day, who would you choose?
  11. brandynd


    My husband and I did this for part of our wedding party gifts. I don't remember the name of the company off the top of my head, but when I get home from work at 11 I'll ask FI (or better yet, I'll just check who the money was sent to from our bank statement) and post it on here for you! I think we spent $2.25 per glass....maybe $3 with the engraving and stuff. Anyways, I'll get back to you ASAP, just wanted you to know I probably have a solution for you!
  12. brandynd

    Calling all *Curvacious* women!!

    Hello my lovelies! It's been a while..I've been getting busy with grad school applications and whatnot, so it seems like forever since I've touched base with anybody! Forgive me, I'm about to hijack the thread for a minute. I AM SOOOO FRUSTRATED! Andy and I have been married for almost a month, and we are yet ot get our photos back from our photographer. WTF, is it that hard to drop off the disks to me? Christ, mail them if it's that big of an issue. I'm getting ansy and oh so sick of waiting. On an unrelated topic, I know that I'm supposed to post this is the starfish passing thread, but if I'm going to do this, I want it to go to one of you ladies. I have a beautiful topaz colored starfish bouquet charm who I've taken to calling Philbert. He was my little piece of DW when we were married last month, and I'd love for him to actually get to go on a trip and be somebody's something borrowed. I'll send a journal with him, the only thing I ask is that you send him back when you're done with him, as my mother will be using him in her vowel renewal this fall. If you're interested, just email me! Anyways, I hope all is well with you ladies!
  13. brandynd

    The Person Below Me- Game!!!

    Hahaha....well since they loaded our food with MSG and I had a God awful allergic reaction at my wedding, I think is I had it to do over I'd take the rain. If you could relocate to anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
  14. brandynd

    What's your new name?

    "Chesty Nightthighs-Heavenshock" wow....I knew I shouldn't have kept my maiden name and hyphenated. That's a bit of a mouthful.
  15. brandynd

    Who's your alma mater?

    Undergrad-Creighton University....Go Jays! Grad School....not quite sure yet.
  16. brandynd

    Calling all *Curvacious* women!!

    Woo hoo ladies! I'm a Mrs.!!! You all were SO right about weight. You know, I didn't lose the last 30lbs before my wedding and I STILL felt beautiful on my big day; and you know why? Because I AM! And so are all of you! I just wanted to drop a quick reminder to you all that you are some of the most wonderful women that I've gotten the opportunity to talk to and get to know, and you're all beautiful! Good luck to all of you with upcoming weddings, and keep your heads up! There's absolutely NOTHING wrong with curves. They're part of what makes you a woman! Love you all dearly, but I'm going to head out to a movie with my hubby and continue the argument about where we're going to re-book our honeymoon to. xoxo, Brandy
  17. brandynd

    Calling all *Curvacious* women!!

    Quote: : thanks so much for the information and great advice! Glad to hear that your mom is doing fantastic with this. Just out of curiosity, did she have to have some skin removed as well? She hasn't had the skin removed just yet. I have the most amazing mom in the world, and she was scheduled for surgery last week (at the time of scheduling we were still to be married in January), so she's rescheduled it for the beginning of March so she can still come to our wedding. She's worked out and toned up enough that all she's having done is a bit of a tummy tuck, and she's also having a breast lift, not so much because of the surgery, but she's had three children and "just wants the girls back in the northern hemisphere". She's still self conscious aout her arms; she thinks she has "chicken wings", but she doesn't know what she's talking about, the doctors have told her there isn't enough skin there to be removed. Generally though, there isn't much loose skin as long as you're working out as you lose to help tighten it back up.
  18. brandynd

    Calling all *Curvacious* women!!

    God I’m slacking. Just got on here and caught up on the conversation. For those of you who were asking about GBP surgery, it is a good option for those of you looking to drop the weight and keep it off, but it isn’t for everyone. My mom went through her surgery 5 years ago and looks AMAZING! If you’re worried about the risks, you really need to weigh the pros and cons. There is a chance that you can get a pulmonary embolism after the surgery, as well as a small risk for internal bleeding. Also, the surgery isn’t a quick fix; you still have to work at it. It is such an amazing tool to help you reach your weightloss goals though. As for the whole wrinkled dog thing, there probably will be some extra skin after you lose the weight, but the good news is that most insurance companies will cover the cost for you to have the extra skin removed, because at that point they look at it as a medical necessity instead of a cosmetic thing, as the extra skin can cause rashes and discomfort, etc. Anyways, that’s just my two cents. If you’re seriously considering the surgery I would HIGHLY encourage you to check out a GBP seminar that they offer at almost all major hospitals. They’re full of useful information to help you make a better informed decision. I hope that this helped at least a little!
  19. Oh ladies, my day is almost here, and even though my destination wedding got derailed, I am still a part of the BDW family, and as such I know that I’m expected to share all my fun photos and planning tricks and whatnot… So, I’m really behind on sharing everything! I guess I’ll start from the beginning when we met. I was working my way through my sophomore year of college, when one of my sorority sisters got me a job working with her at Blimpie….so embarrassing to admit that I had a dead end job, but I was in college, so whatever. Anyways, there was this really cute guy who worked next door at Hollywood Video. So, of course we always referred to him as “Hot Hollywood Video Guy.” He would come in several times a day trying to get free food and just generally harassing the staff. I was closing with my friend Cassie (now my MOH) one night, and here comes Andy, for the fourth time that night. “Oh great, it’s Hollywood Video Guy again. What do you want now?” To that he replied “Do you even know my name?” “Yeah, you’re Andy.” “Yeah, well okay, ugly Blimpie Chick…” Then I cut him off by screaming at him, several choice words which I didn’t even know were in vocabulary. He left my store and went back to work, but 15 minutes later wrote a note on a napkin apologizing and had Cassie give it to me. I just assumed he was trying to make up for his rudeness and brushed it off, still thinking he was a total ass. An hour later he came back….yet again, and slammed a note against our glass door asking me to come to his store when I got done closing. So, after close I went next door and demanded to know what the hell he wanted. “I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to call you ugly, but I get really nervous around girls. I just wanted to ask you to be my date to my 21st birthday party.” That’s how it all began, and I STILL haven’t been able to get rid of him. Andy and I started our journey to the altar 2 years ago this Saturday (our wedding day, woo hoo!!!). We had only been together for four months at the time, and had gotten really close to one another incredibly quickly. We had had dinner with my parents two days prior to his proposal, where I had told my mother that with my luck, when I was proposed to that my future husband would probably do it in the most humiliating fashion possible, most likely in a public place, and if he were incredibly tacky about it, he’d do it somewhere “like a freaking Olive Garden.” My words exactly….God I wish I would have thought about that a bit more before I spoke. Anyways, the day of the proposal I was running late for an exam in my psychology of women class, and my car wouldn’t start. So Andy comes running out of his house, saying “Oh, it’s okay, I’ll take you to class, we’ll worry about the car later.” Three hours later, I’m finished with my exam, and in a generally foul mood because I don’t even have my car with me, when Andy insists that we go out to dinner, so that neither of us would have to cook anything that night. Okay, fine. Where does he take me? The freaking Olive Garden (which ironically is where we went on our first date, but that’s another story entirely). Ugh…whatever, let’s just eat some food and go home. We get through with dinner, and Andrew decides he just has to have dessert. As we’re sitting there waiting, I realize that he is INCREDIBLY nervous. He was sitting there fidgeting every five seconds, and looking around like a crack head surrounded by members of the K-9 unit. As dessert arrived, I didn’t have any time to process what was happening. On the plate is “Will you marry me?” and as I look to my right, there’s Andy on one knee. As it turns out, he had purposely disconnected my battery cables, so that I had to accept a ride to campus from him....that little sneak. Looking back, I love our proposal story, it’s so fitting of how our relationship works, where he can take exactly what I don’t think I want to do and turn it into the most wonderful experiences. Ugh, I am at work, and my cable for my digital is at home, so I will have to post my photos and such later tonight, and complete my engagement thread…
  20. brandynd

    Need to vent about a copycat cousin

    That does sound irritating, but you know, they do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Maybe she idolizes you and wants to be more like you.
  21. Has anybody heard from her? I sure hope that everything works out...if you're logging on to keep up with things, I hope you know we're praying for you!
  22. Okay girlies….I need a little bit of non-biased advice on this one. Yesterday I had my bridal shower, followed immediately by my bachelorette party. It ended up being lots of fun, aside from the fact that my FMIL was still there when my MOH surprised me with a naughty party….that was a little awkward, but beside the point! One of my BM’s had told me last week that she may have to leave my party early, because she had some birthday party she had to put in an appearance at. Okay, cool. Said BM was supposed to go along with me to my hair trial yesterday to give her input and whatnot. This was at 1 in the afternoon. I called her at 12:15 and she didn’t answer. I figured maybe she was still asleep or something, because she had another birthday party the night before. Called her again when I was on my way to my MOH’s at 3 for my bridal shower. Still no answer. Called again after dinner at 6….again, no picking up of the phone on her end. Finally I called as we were leaving for the first bar at 8:30! Again, SURPRISE!!! She didn’t pick up her cell. I left her a message asking her if she was planning on coming to my bachelorette party, and to call me when she heard the message. She never showed. I got home at about 2am, and sat up for a while in an attempt to sober up before sleep (it helps prevent the next day hangover.) And at about 3, while I was screwing around on FB, I see that she updates her status, saying what a “great night,†she’d had, and that it was bedtime. I’m so sick of this crap from my BM’s. I get married in 13 days, and I think I’ve had it. Am I wrong to be mad? I’m about ready to tell her not to bother coming to the wedding at all.
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    She had the nerve...

    I'm sorry you had such a rough time with your MIL! I'm sure she meant well though. And if you don't do the calendar thing, there's also these nifty picture shadowbox things you might like.....give me a few to find the link to them and I'll post it for you!
  24. brandynd

    Issues with Parents-in-Law-to-be

    I'm sorry you're going through all this! Maybe you and FI should have a calm convo with them, and explain that thi what YOU want. It's YOUR day.
  25. Quote: Originally Posted by svetayasofiya Oh Brandy, your friends suck. I am sorry, but this just isn't how friends should treat eachother. ((hugs)) How many BM's do you have? Can you kick those two to the wayside? No one should have that kind of power to make you wish your wedding was over. That's just plain wrong in so many ways. (Btw- why did you have to change your wedding from Mexico to Omaha?) Hahaha....your post made me laugh, for what feels like the first time in months. I know I shouldn't find it funny, but my friends do suck. It's okay. I've come to terms with it. I have 9 BMs. My party is huge, I know. In my defense though, almost half of them are men. I don’t get along very well with most women, but that’s beside the point. I would boot these girls out, but then I’d be the bad guy because they’ve already spent so much money on their dresses, and I really really HATE confrontation. I talk big, but in reality I’m just a big pansy flower. I had to switch the wedding after the tantrum that FI’s momma threw over our DW, and my own parents were having financial difficulties of their own. It came down to choosing between the beach and the people we love. Our loved ones won that one. I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t change people. I’ve just taken to repeating the serenity prayer to myself with a little twist anytime they get mouthy. If anybody needs it, feel free to try it. “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. And as these women continue to run their mouths at me, give me the self control not to slap them across the face.†I thought you might like this . On the bright side, my boys are awesome! We went to the florist and to my final dress fitting today, and I LOVE having bridesmen to tell me how pretty I look! Such an ego boost. 9 days ladies, I can totally do this, and then I don’t have to deal with these BM’s anymore if I don’t want to.