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March 2010 Jamaica B2b's

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Hi ladies, just wondering where every one is up to with there planning.


Just wondering how everyones planning is going?


I am getting married in Negril 5th March, still waiting to hear from the wc but planning going okay.


Holiday and wedding package paid for and now all sorted with the below:-


bridal underwear



earings, necklace

holiday clothes

flight case to carry dress

paperwork sent


Dress fitting for alterations not until 6th Jan and H2B still looking for a suit.

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I'm on March 9 at Gran Bahia Runaway Bay.

All we have left to do is,

Our custom rings to arrive

My dress alternations, Feb 17th

Put together the welcome bags and letters

Finish off making the shirts for everyone

Finish organizing the amazing race challenge we are putting on

Figure out my hair!


it's coming together now!

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Hi ladies, well, just to update, had my 1st fitting 6th Jan & final fitting 19th January.....so excited and stressed at the same time. H2b still not decided what he want's to wear and not even been shopping yet!!!!!!!!!!! a part from that counting the days which seem to be passing so quick now.


Loveisintheair - did you get your list done? & packing


I have now got all the clothes I am taking in the case ready to re - iron and pack before we go, now its all together in one place, less chance of forgetting some thing. (I Hope)


Kerrij - have your rings arrived & are the shirts finished yet?

Good luck to you both with the rest of your planning.

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Hey Baj...I did do my list. No packing though. My first shower back home is this weekend so I need to start this packing thing this week to not puch it until next week.


My FI just picked out his attire. We ordering tonight from the $99 linen suit website with or without his GM sizes.


I ordred his ring today. So exciting. Can't wait to get it. He has no idea! I have my fitting tomorrow. Cross my fingers.


Still need to buy all the stuff for OOT bags. So much to think about it.


I have been a little stressed and I think my FI is feeling my heat. Going to do something special for him tonight.


Let's keep uppdated!

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Hi, Ladies .. March 13th here... and I swear I have 2 new gray hairs this week alone .. :-) I dont even want to post my list lol but I am slowly getting there I think ..


I'm waiting on a couple of quotes from outside vendors then the logistical part of the wedding will be straight.


Its the decor details that Im stuck on ... Im going to be bringing a gazillion candles with me lol ...


My first fitting is on the 2nd and I have been eating so much crap .. I got comfortable when i tried on my dress and saw that it wasn't as tight as it originally was ..so the workouts have decreased ..


Still gotta do OOT bags, Pre Welcome Brochure

Find my jewelry

and on and on

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Okay...so I am moving along! I boung my playing cards and hand sanitizer last night from the dollow store. They were out of mini safety kits so I am ordering those online. Alos ordering tropical candy for sweets bags. Ordering pashminas on Tuesday. Need to still get my crossword books.


Like moody .... I still need decide on my shoes, my jewelry and my bridemaids shoes. Okay ladies we are in crunch time seriously.

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Hi ladies, well sounds like every one is under way with their planning, going with H2b for his suite tomorrow, yes he's still not been and I feel so stressed that he has not sorted it yet. Looking for a light beige linen suit, white short sleeve shirt and a nice pale liac tie.

Wish me luck, will keep you all updated.

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Ok, so my flowers are done .. and i have narrowed my reception decor down .. I have been waiting to hear back from this guy that does uplighting but I may have to scratch that and work off candlelight and paper lanterns ..


I ordered my pre-travel brochure and luggage tags. I need to start my OOT kits, programs/fans, and I wanted to do the cute wedding day timeline but that is NOT a priority lol


my shoes and jewelry are still on the to do list ..


Im bringing alot of candle holders/vases etc with me and I dread it .. I could ship them through Air Jamaica cargo but Im so nervous it will get held up in customs ... they would hold it at the airport for me for 7 days ..


My stress level is about a 6 lol

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Baj...still trying to figure out GM attire. Moody...I still have no clue about jewelry or shoes. My FI ricg came in today can't wait to pick it up.


Completed my pre-wedding brochures but they are so expensive that I haven't ordered them yet. I have four ppl who say they are for sure coming but have not booked. Craziness!!!


Had my first bridal shower this past weekend..It was surreal!

Besides from that I am good..Still do to besides what was mentioned.


Order Pashmina

Order BM shoes

Buy Immodium

Make gift tags and stickers

Ceremony music

Make welcome letter!

Buy grooms gift...thinking about an IPOD

Order fans for mom to decorate.

Buy cards holder

order ttropical candy candy

Put everything together.


I think that is it. We are soo close ladies.

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