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Originally Posted by JENISE View Post
Just sent it Nicole! :)

Glad you got the email Kim. The other 2 girls I was going to do it with to get the discount are actually both choosing package D (lol) which is not included in the group discount rate. I didn't want to lose my date as she was barely able to squeeze me in on time so I booked today. Please let me know if you still book with her this weekend. As long as you pick package A-C, we might still be able to get 5% off. (not much but something) Just let her know you're "booking" with me and we'll see. If not, no biggie. Just book it and have a blast!

Thanks ladies.
Yeah, I think I'm going to book package D as well. I really appreciate the info though. Good to know we need to book very early! Thanks!!

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Hey ladies,


I just seen a few threads with Jen's work and I'm interested in doing a BD too! If anyone is planning a group session with her, I'm game. I have a while before the wedding so, no rush.

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@ Mischaka - December is good for me too. Jen's group discounts are awesome. Perhaps we could get a group going? Let me know if you're interested.

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Originally Posted by lisa203 View Post


Woo hoo! Anyone else interested? Mischaka and I are thinking Dec 4th or Dec 11th.


How does this group thing work? I have awhile too..2012.. lol 

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