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To take the promotion or not?

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Im finding myself in a tough spot and could use some advice. This may get long so please bare with me.


I currently work in the automotive industry, so we have been hit in the last year like everyone else. Layoffs, furlough weeks, etc. My team has been reduced from 5 people so we all are piled up on work. We adapt, because thats what you do.


Now over the past year or so I have helped out where needed. Filled in for people while they are on maternity leave. They could never offer me a position because of what the industry was going through. So I would always go back to my old position and deal with the mess that happened while I filled in this other position. I also helped out on various projects in addition to my everyday work.


Well when I got back from the weddingmoon I was called into my managers office. It appears that a position may be open soon in a group that I have filled in before. I know that this position is a salary grade higher so the prospect sounded great. I was recommended by 3 different managers for this position. They were waiting to see if the position could get approved, but in the mean time wanted me to help with the transition period. So I would be doing my current job, and than this other job. They didnt have a time line for anything. And werent sure the position would even get approved but said they will deal with that when that time comes.


So of course being the team player I went along. I felt like given the position everyones in what other option did I have. And Im really bored with my current job so maybe throwing in a mix will get me re-energized. So after 2 days the position got approved. And sure enough it is a salary grade higher. This is great! So they encouraged me to apply and I did. When I looked at the salary grade it was $12-18K higher than I make now! So a few days later I have an interview with the manager I would be working for. Everything sound promising but they said they probably wouldnt make a decision till after year end. So I would be doing two full time jobs for 6 weeks.


So I have been doing this for 3 weeks now and I have stress levels that I did not know existed! There is so much pressure on our dept for year end, and they remind me of it daily. Meanwhile I dont have any learning curve period with this other position. I had zero training, and am figuring things out while I go along. Im salary now, and find myself working 10 hour days, and I even brought work home last weekend. Ill never catch up. Im still trying to catch up on the work from when I was gone for the wedding! And lets not forget I have four managers now, all who think what they have is extremely hot to get done. And none of them communicating!


I also find that this new position has two serious micromanaging managers. They talk to me like Im an idiot, and request I copy them on every email I send. And sometimes they will follow up my emails to clients basically saying the same thing! Its so frustrating! I am actually questioning if I want to even work for managers like this!


So the HR manager called me in for an interview this week. Well she called me in for a chat that turned into a full on interview. Surprised there! The very next day I was offered the position. It would be effective Jan 1st. The pain increase was 8%. Now 8% sounds great doesnt it? But when I figure it out its more like $40 more a week. The position was posted as a analyst 2 position, and when presented to me it was moved down to an analyst 1 position. The salary grade stayed the same. It was a huge let down.


So basically I will continue to do 2 full time jobs through year end. Which in reality is more like 4 jobs because everyones work load is so large from the layoffs. Than starting Jan 1st my old position will be posted internally and externally. So until that position is filled I will "help" out with both jobs aka do both jobs. Than when that person is hired I will have to "help" with the transition and training. This could go on for months!


All for $40 more a week? When in reality will only cover the increase in our insurance premiums! All that stress for that?


Im so torn on what to do. I feel like Im being taken advantage of. And they were sure Id jump right on it. He said okay, just sign here. I said, Ill have to get back to you.


Part of me says, well a raise is a raise. And you will have more to add to your resume and your ending salary at this company will be higher. Which all that will help you in the end. Than part of me says, all that Ive did in the last 4 years at this company...I deserve more! I took a $10k paycut to come to this company because of the "growth" oppourtunity they promised. And I have had no growth! Even with this raise I still wont be up to that $10k paycut I took.


Than when I look for jobs around here....the only positions I can find are actually less than what I currently make. So it feels like this is the only logical answer at this point. But I hate being taken advantage of!


UGH! I hate this.

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I think it's good you didn't just jump on it and you are thinking about it and rationalizing it. I also think it's great you've looked around at your options in terms of other jobs.


My advice from my understanding of the situation, is that if the new position is a step up from your current job, then you should definitely consider it. Even small step ups in companies are how you work your way up. If you stay where you are, the next time a position opens up, they might not consider you for it because it sort of shows that you weren't interested in investing more in the organization and moving up. And sometimes it really does take hard work and some stressful situations if you're interested in getting ahead so to speak.


I think if I were you, I would think about what your long term goals are, is this a company you plan to stay with? Do you think once the economy rebounds that you will see growth opportunities? Do you, or will you enjoy the work? The people? Currently you have a few different managers but once it sorts itself out you won't right?


One thing I have learned is to stand up for what you think you deserve. Not to be really demanding but if you feel you're being treated unfairly then perhaps bring that up. Say that you thought it was for an analyst 2 position, and so that is where your interest is. And also that the salary expectation is not being met based on what was presented to you in the beginning. If they want you for this role then they may take this into consideration. When you really think about it, an extra $12,000 to you is a lot, to the company, it's NOTHING. Alternatively I would maybe suggest that while the transition is happening, if you are going to be working two jobs, that you should be compensated in that transition period for that. Perhaps work out an arrangement that is fair? Large organizations sometimes see what they can get away with first but are willing to negotiate.


I think you should stand up for yourself though. :) Good luck!

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Thank you for answering Lori!


You make me think more logical...take the emotions out of it. To answer your questions...


Is this a company you plan to stay with?


I have been wanting to leave the company for sometime now. I was planning on really making that happen after New Years. Than when this opportunity came up I thought...maybe Ill stick it out another year or so. THe insurance is pretty good, so we added my husband to it. He hasnt officially dropped is yet so this isnt permant though. Its just not something I want to make a career out of. Now ask me what I do want to make a career out of..and Im clueless.


Do you think once the economy rebounds that you will see growth opportunities?


Honestly I dont think theres much growth to move out of my current dept, which is probably the lowest dept in the company, until I finish my degree. Which would take another 3 years or so.


Do you, or will you enjoy the work?


I will say that since Ive started doing this other job in addition to my current job I have started to like my job again. I think mainly because its a change of scenery. Will I enjoy it in the long run? Probably not. Its Accounts Receivable...so collections. I honestly dont think collections fits my personality. I find myself in akward conversations already with clients. Im not mean enough. LOL



The people?


The people I dont mind so much. My coworkers are very helpful, and I get along with them quite well.



Currently you have a few different managers but once it sorts itself out you won't right?


I love my current manager. We just mesh well together. But these new managers I work with Im not so sure. The one is sort of bully like, and I dont know if I can handle his level of micromanaging. He sort of can make you feel like an ass or throw you under the bus at any given moment.


Its safe to stay with this company right now. The income level isnt anything I would find anywhere else right now. There are great perks. I get roughly 3 weeks vacation. Unlimited sick time. The insurance is decent. They even paid me a week off for my honeymoon. Its smart to stay here another couple years while we try to establish ourselves...get rid of our current place, buy a new house, pay down our debts, etc. And try my hardest to finish up this degree! But at the same time I thought Id like to see what else is out there. Find something that I really enjoy.

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My concern is your stress level. How long do you think you can survive under the pressure of doing 2-4 jobs at one time, and under 2 micromanagers? That's alot to take for $40/week.

And what happens if you decide not to take this new position? Will you be looked down upon for not taking it?

And you're doing all of this while finishing your degree? Wow!

But, to go with what Lo was saying, if you stand up for yourself and got an Analyst 2 position, would that give you a bigger raise and therefore make the position more worth it?


If you can keep the stress level down while you're working on your degree, I think that might be a good idea.


Good luck!

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i think you need to be honest with them and say you really do want the promotion but you was hoping the raise would be ? and tell them what you eould like.and tell them that you dont mind doing the 2 jobs until year end but that will be it.i have been in situation before and you dont get nothing if you dont ask.you may be suprised.it sounds like they really want you in that position so try it.

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Im honestly not sure I can handle the stress level either. Im going through a lot of things personally so this added stress is pretty unbearable.


The crazy thing is I want like a 20% increase. Maybe I would take 15%. Im not great at negoiating, but I guess I need to learn fast.

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So I officially turned it down yesterday...so why am I so pissed going in this morning?


So I had a talk with my "new" manager yesterday morning. Explained how I didnt feel comfortable taking that salary increase. I felt the chat went good. I just explained how since Ive been there Ive really only received a raise that barely covers the average increase on cost of living, and never been rewarded for my performance. Than went over different things that showed how good my performance was. I also explained to him that this felt like a raise, where I thought this was a promotion. Im retreiving more responsilities, more client contact, and working two full time jobs for an undefined time.


So he said well you will get a merit increase with year end, so thats another 2%, total that is a good raise. But he would go back to HR and see what they can do. He also told me that what I was asking for no one in the team makes near that. I find that hard to believe since most of them have been here 10+ years.


So next my current manager called me a meeting inquiring about my decision. So I had another talk with her. At one point she said to me...I know your ready to move up. It wouldnt be because of the way this manager manages would it? Because that is the only reason I can see why you would want more money. To deal with the stress levels.


So before I left he called me into his office one last time. He was shuffling some papers and said, Ive been looking through the budget and we just dont have any room to give you any more than what Ive offered. I hope you realize in this industry and economy getting any oppourtunity no matter the pay increase is very rare. Thankfully we were able to offer it to you. So why dont you sleep on it, and tell me what you think tomorrow. Honestly I dont think he even went back to HR to see if he could give me more. I know Im worth it.


I politely declined. And surprise, Im still stuck doing both full time jobs for another 3 weeks.


I dont regret declining, simply because when I weighed out all the options it wasnt worth it. The stress levels Id have would of been so high. In just 3 weeks this manager has made me feel like an incomptent idiot. Well I know thats not true and feel like I should take this on as a challenge...Im just not feeling it. Id rather have a boring job, less money, and be less stressed. With everything Im dealing with in my personal life it just makes sense.


My current manager did say to me...just hang in there. I think I may have another oppourtunity for you. Although I think I probably burned myself on this one.


Oh well. Part of me feels like I did burn. I mean maybe hes right, with the way the economy is I should be happy I am offered anything. But really how much can one person take? For literally pennies. Thats what the increase felt to me. I honestly didnt think the work load was fair.


As you can see, I overanalyze and am the most indecisive person ever.

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It's ok. If you thought it was right, you wouldn't have been so hesitant right?

It's a LOT of work and a LOT of STRESS for not a lot of money. Who needs that?

You told them how you felt, which was the right thing to do.

Most people wouldn't have even done that.


You said you're trying to finish your degree, so this job is not the end all be all of your existence, and you won't be there forever. So get through the next 3 weeks of doing 2 jobs, go back to doing your job, finish your degree and hopefully move on to bigger and better things SOON!


For what it's worth, I wouldn't have taken it either!

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I am extremely indecisive too and having some major issues here at work. I am ready to just walk away from my job because it makes me so miserable and the stress levels are unbearable! I am also a huge analizer! I really hope that sooner rather than later you will begin to feel some relief after your decision! I think you made the right one! Obviously this promotion was not the right fit for you, but if you keep working hard and impressing your current manager, a promotion, that is a good fit for you may come along!

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My FI always says to me, (when I have big decisions to make) "Whatever decision you make will be the right one"


And honestly it is really helpful to think that way. It sounds to me, like you made the right choice for you. And that is what you can take out of this.


From what you described you're not interested in staying long term so instead of being stressed to the max and working really long hours, you can focus that time instead on pursuing other avenues and figuring out what you want to do and getting your resume out there etc.


There's a reason you were compelled to turn it down so you should be happy and satisfied that you made the right choice!

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