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I'm getting a puppy!!

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Aww, he is adorable! I recommend crate training when you are at work or you can't watch him so that way he won't touch anything he is not supposed to and it can help with his housebreaking. I am STILL working on housebreaking my 3 month old boxer puppy. He never soils in his crate but will pee in the house occassionally. Arg! Thank god he doesn't poop in the house anymore.


Have fun enjoying the puppyhood because I will be!


Originally Posted by trance_angelx0x View Post
Just remember that sometimes you'll probably want to send him off somewhere when he drives you bananas but once you have a dog you'll never want to go back to being dog-less.
LOL, I felt that way last night when I had it with my puppy when he was humping me and pulling my pants. I'd never want to give him away though.

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aw, it's so nice to see so many other dog lovers on the site! I have always wanted a destination wedding, but after I got my dogs, I almost reconsidered because I felt bad leaving them for a week at a time, lol. However, I decided that as much as I love my two dogs, my beach wedding was not something I could compromise on, much to my fiance's relief :)

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