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Autumn's Planning Thread!!!

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Thanks everyone!



I really loved wearing this dress. It is Betsey Johnson (tablecloth dress). I finally got it dry cleaned and will be posting it for sale this weekend.


Originally Posted by DestCabo10 View Post
Congratulations Aut! Everything you did looks so good im sure everything was just perfect for you! Where did you get your rehearsal dress it is very pretty!

Wow your pics are amazing! That picture of the bride and groom on the Champs Elysees is just awesome. We were so inspired by all of the sights that we actually went out and bought a Nikon D60 after our Paris trip!


Originally Posted by ronsoliman View Post
hey congrats! love the Eiffel tower shot...


I will never forget my Paris experience...i captured all these in digital film...below is my link to my Paris photos...LOVE THE BLUE ON THE EIFFEL TOWER!


Wedding Photojournalism at its finest Litrato Photojournalism

I just bought regular swim suits at Target and then took them to a shop that does embroidery. They charged me $15 to put groom on the shorts.


Originally Posted by mexbride83 View Post
Autumn - Where did you buy you the "groom" bathing suit?? I love it, and can't find anything about it in the forums. Thanks!

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Thanks girls!


Amymarie ~ the list may feel like it never ends, but it will feel good to check things off of it and the time will fly by before you can even blink!


Originally Posted by Amymarie View Post
wow, everything looks unbelievable. Great call posting bikinis, that is on my to buy list. The list seems never ending ugh!
Originally Posted by JNagan2011 View Post
Great planning thread! :) So helpful and great ideas in it
Originally Posted by YIweddings View Post
Congratulations! Your planning thread was so fun to look at. All the best in your new married life.
Originally Posted by kate&devon View Post
Love all the clothes!

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