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  1. If you wanted to line the walkway with silk flower arrangements similar to what the resort does with the palm leaf arrangements that would probably be okay because those could be planted in the sand so that they don't blow away, but I think wendvipo is correct in that the flower girl cannot throw silk petals. As far as freeze dried petals go, you may have a problem getting those through customs...
  2. There is a sewing kit and vanity pack, which contains 2 Q-tips and cotton balls. I believe everyone also gets a shampoo, shower cap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and maybe a lotion. No one got sunscreen though, which I was counting on based off posts I had read somewhere on this site. Supposedly we paid for the "preferred" rooms, so we should have gotten upgraded amenities and other perks but we didn't get anything else that everybody else didn't get even after asking about it...
  3. “ marriage “, it says is the only legal and moral way to found a Family, to preserve mankind and avoid imperfections of the human being who are only able to obtain the perfection of the human race, I TOTALLY agree with you. I had exchanged a few emails with Aurora trying to get permission to change the script but it was an absolute NO. I ended up writing a disclaimer in our program stating that although we have to adhere to a formatted legal ceremony with the Mexican judge, there are portions of the ceremony to which we do not fully subscribe. Luckily that part of the ceremony only takes 5 minutes max, plus with the judge's accent I think most people were a little lost when it came to the content of what she was really saying. We went ahead and personalized the ceremony by writing our own vows and having my uncle officiate a couple of blessings. After all the stuff we added the judge pronounced us husband and wife. Overall the ceremony took no more than 30 minutes.
  4. Below is the script for the legal ceremony. This is exactly as I remember it, verbatim. You cannot change anything or cut any of the legal script out but you are allowed to add "blessings and readings". The parts that you add to the ceremony can be recited by whomever you choose. MEXICAN CIVIL MARRIAGE ADVICES ( TAKEN FROM OCAMPO’S LETTER ) Ladies and gentlemen Good Afternoon, Welcome to the wedding ceremony, let me introduce the judge Alma Rosas, who will performance the ceremony in Spanish, and I will translate in english, According to the laws of this country we are gathered here to join the bonds of Matrimony which is an honorable status: Seeing it is a very important act, I would kindly ask everybody to remain in silence. As witnesses of this important act, there are present here: 1. - --------------------------------- 2. - --------------------------------- 3. ----------------------------------- 4. - --------------------------------- Who will sign the marriage document. A great Mexican philosopher of the ninetheen century, Mr. Melchor Ocampo, wrote in his legendary letter, the following words that until today are always read in our wedding ceremonies “ marriage “, it says is the only legal and moral way to found a Family, to preserve mankind and avoid imperfections of the human being who are only able to obtain the perfection of the human race, through matrimony in a conjugal duality. Men and Women have the same rights, but it is important to observe their respective obligations. Both of you should have respect, fidelity, trust and assistance to one another and also tenderness and love, much love. Do not fight with one another, use your heads and your hearts to correct something wrong. Both of you should be aware of the great responsibility of being parents, because you should provide your children with attention, good example to follow during the rest of their lives. I now ask two questions to your witnesses. 1.-Are _______ ____ and ___ ______ ¿Persons you know well? 2. - ¿ And are there any objections for them to be joined in legal marriage in Mexico? ____ ___ ¿ do you accept _________ ______ as your beloved and wedded wife, __ _____ ¿ do you accept _____ ____________ as your beloved and wedded husband. __and __in the name of the law and the society and with the authority from the Solidaridad Municipal here in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mèxico, I now declare you husband and wife. You may Kiss the bride. ¡ CONGRATULATIONS!
  5. I just returned from my wedding at DT (will let you all know when I am finished with the review). To let you know, the only vegetarian option that they offer is the vegetarian lasagna. However, my mom is allergic to fish and they did make a special plate for her that only included the filet (we got the ultimate package and chose the surf & turf meal). They were willing to put the shrimp on a small plate separate from her meal and she gave it to someone else at the table. Other than that though the only other meal choice is the vegetarian lasagna and kids meal (for those that qualify - 12 years or younger, I believe).
  6. Welcome! I marry there Nov. 1!
  7. Maybe you should look into other resorts that are willing to give you a little more specific information. Good luck with your decision!
  8. I say go for October. There can be rain anytime of the year. I have a wedding coming up in a couple of weeks and even though a DW seems so easy to plan, it turns out to be a lot of work and you will want the time.
  9. thanks for the link - these are great!
  10. Hey Lenelle, CONGRATULATIONS! I have been waiting to see your pictures. Everything looked beautiful and your dress was ultra sexy. Hope you had fun!
  11. I have to agree with what everyone else is saying. If you are having all of those people come down to Mexico with you, you might as well bite the bullet and pay a little extra for the life long memories. Otherwise why not just have gone on a honeymoon alone? What about doing your reception in the buffet restaurant? Or forego the cocktail hour and appetizers that come with the ultimate package and see if you can negotiate the 20 people paid for in the cocktail hour for another 5-10 dinners in its place. We also have 40 coming down and I have to admit the extra charges for exceeding the package is really adding up. Good luck negotiating the wedding reception that you want (with FI and Dreams)
  12. So, I booked Casual Elegance Photography. I will let you all know how the pictures turn out. His packages are very competitive and include a makeup artist. He is also very quick to respond. I never even got a response from project duo and I contacted the 2x.
  13. Hi All, I just got a response from Aurora regarding the dimensions for the wedding canopy by the Seaside Grill. This is what she said: The measures for the canopy are: Height 2.20 Meters Width 2.50 meters Hope this helps some of you.
  14. I am so interested to see what this thread can turn up. I have been searching for a boudoir photographer in Atlanta for months. I spoke with Cayce from caycecalawaybuodoir.com today. She is a bit pricey but her work looks pretty classy and she is super easy to talk to. She includes a book with the price of her session. Another place that I am interested in is projectduo.com These are 2 female photographers, that from their website seem to do nice work but I have not talked to them and am unsure of pricing. If I can get over my insecurities and people are willing to do a session within the next month, I would consider doing a group session to bring the price down. If anyone has used a photographer within the Atlanta area recently for a BD session PLEASE post feedback.
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