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  1. Paola's email address is: groups1@ceibadelmar.com They are typically very responsive!
  2. I definitely thought the gap would bother me, but honestly, the curve bothered me even more. Also, I have to admit I got a little excited when I saw that Kate Middleton has a gap too
  3. Babigirl - I stressed a LOT about my wedding band because my engagement ring setting is flush with the band, meaning it has a rounded base. Also, the side details are absolutely gorgeous and I didn't want to take away from or cover them. The designer of my ring (Penny Preville) made an eternity band that had a similar design along the sides, but it was a straight band and I didn't think I'd like the gap between my e-ring and wedding band. So I talked to our jeweler and she said Penny Preville could custom make a curved band that wrapped around my e-ring. I decided to do this and planned to go back the following week with my then fiance to order it. But of course that week I kept stressing over it because I didn't like how the curved ring wrapped around my diamond on just one side, it made my round diamond look oval. So I started to lean towards getting two. But I travel a lot to developing countries for work and pleasure, so I knew I'd be wearing the wedding band by itself often, and a curved band would look awful alone, and two curved bands even worse haha. So when I finally went back with my fiance, I tried on the straight eternity band, and this time around I liked it. And the fiance was very convincing, he actually loved it and hated the curved band. I ordered the straight band and spent the next couple months worrying that I'd hate the gap. Now that I've been wearing it for 2.5 months, I have to say that I absolutely LOVE it!! I actually am a big fan of the gap, the best part being that it allows all the side details of my e-ring to still show (just wish I'd gotten the e-ring cleaned before the wedding haha! They're the same color when clean:)
  4. Dress A! I absolutely love the train and its so flattering on you. I also think I'm turned off by the fact that Dress B is everywherrrrrrrre. I've seen far too many brides in it:)
  5. Great pictures Bonnie!! Just a quick question - I noticed you are wearing your rings on your middle finger in a lot of pics. Why is this? Is it a cultural thing? I have a Russian friend and she and her husband wear their rings on their index finger, but I've never seen the middle so I was just curious:)
  6. Van - I think it depends also on where you are coming from. From the US, there are some dirt cheap flights to Mexico. The best I heard of from my guests was my MOH and her husband paid $195 each for their tickets on Air Tran. I also flew there on JetBlue 6 months before the wedding for $250. For the wedding, I used United miles and flew business class on them! So if coming from the US, I personally think people can get the best deals by booking everything on their own. Also agents always charge a fee, as that's how they make money:) I did negotiate hotel rates though (through the hotel), and my resort (Ceiba del Mar) set up a private link for our party. I posted the link on our website and people booked through that to get our rates.
  7. So one thing I have to say, post-wedding... I stressed A LOT over people who wouldn't be coming to the wedding, and how it'd affect my day. And I know many of you had special people who also couldn't attend, and it was upsetting at first. But now that it's all over and done with, one bit of advice I'd give any friend planning a destination wedding is to NOT worry about those people who won't be there, and definitely don't reconsider the DW idea because of them. This is just my personal opinion, but I know I was very upset knowing that none of my grandparents would be there. But I spent several hours today putting together a photo album for them from our photog's pics, and as I did it, I realized that while I missed them, I still wouldn't change a single decision about my wedding, even having it out of the country! I hope that you all who struggled with this issue feel the same:) And btw, Michelle, I absolutely DIED when I saw the pics of your son walking down the aisle. He is going to be a heartbreaker for sure;)
  8. Great job Bonnie - and CONGRATULATIONS!! We did the polaroid album too, and ended up with quite a few improper pics by the end of the night haha Btw, great job on your MIL's outfit, she looks gorgeous! Such a great story too:)
  9. Enjoy your wedding and time in Mexico Bonnie!! I wish every day that I can go back and do it all over and over again:) And I know the rest of you feel the same too! I finally got my review of Ceiba del Mar and most of my vendors up. I still have one huge review, for Eventos Euforia, but I'm a little exhausted so it may wait till tomo. They're phenomenal, all great things to say! I just want to make sure I don't miss a single thing:) http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/ceiba-del-mar-spa-resort/reviews/4765
  10. I finally got my CdM review up! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/ceiba-del-mar-spa-resort/reviews/4765
  11. My Ceiba del Mar review is finally up:) http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/ceiba-del-mar-spa-resort/reviews/4765
  12. Hi tappleton, I know this was to Tweets, but I thought more posts would help you and everyone else! I don't know much about pricing, as I've already forgotten what most of the prices were... oops:) But I can offer some recommendations! -DJ who did you use and how much? Did you like them? We are looking for someone to really get and keep the party going! DJ Doremixx!! If you check out our pics, posted back a few pages, you'll see that he definitely kept the party going. For more about his awesomeness at our wedding, my review is here: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/dj-s-doremixx/reviews/4666 -Lighting for reception area, what did you pick and how much did it cost? The cost of our lighting was part of our overall decor costs, which we did via Eventos Euforia (also awesome, a review to come!). But we did the chinese lanterns streamed across the entire eating area, and then the colored lights that the DJ brought for the dancing area (upper part of terrace). We did do DJ Doremixx's cold fireworks and they were so awesome. He surprised us with them right as my husband twirled me. This picture shows those and the lanterns over the dining area. Did you rent a dance floor? If so were you glad you did? We didn't rent the lit up dance floor because we were worried about it being big enough for our group (70 people), and also because we had glow products, from Omniglow (http://www.omniglow.com/og/) and I wanted them to really stand out in pictures. -Mariachi? To be honest, I never even knew the name of the band. But we LOVED them! If you ask Paola, it's the band that CdM always uses, so she can direct you to them. We had them play at our cocktail hour and everyone raved about them. Photographer? recommendation, cost? Moments that Matter!!! I can't say enough great things about them. They are the takers of all these awesome pics I am posting, and the rest of my pics are a few posts back. Again, I don't remember the full cost, as we paid almost a year ago, but I do remember them being one of the more reasonably priced photographers. Here is my full review of them: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/moments-that-matter-photography/reviews/4664 Hair and makeup? Did you like whoever it was? How much was it? Was the trial included. MVP Hair and Makeup/Melissa V. Parry. Phenomenal. Seriously. I'm writing my review for them today. I wasn't even completely sold on the idea of getting my makeup done, because I'd had it done for a friend's wedding and I hated it. I don't wear a lot of makeup and I looked like a completely different person with the loads and loads of makeup they put on me. Melissa was nothing like that. She had me looking totally natural and like myself, just a much better version! And her work on all of my girls was nothing short of amazing. I don't know prices because my mother did the booking and paying for the entire bridal party, mostly because I balked so much at getting my makeup done:) I couldn't be happier that she did it!! They typically do include a trial, for a fee of course, but I didn't have one done due to Melissa traveling back to Mexico the day before our wedding. Here are some pics, and I'm posting a full review later today with more: And most importantly food recommendations. My fiancee and I are total foodies. I think you said you did a tasting. Are there any dishes you'd recommend getting/not getting, good appetizers/bad appetizers? Did you have their cake? We didn't do a tasting when we were there. I did a tasting at a previous visit and loved the sea bass with red pepper sauce so much that it is what I got for the wedding day (we offered steak, the chicken with cheese dish, and sea bass as our three choices). I was kinda disappointed in how it tasted the day of the wedding. The steak and chicken, I had one on each side of me!, turned out great though. I think the chicken dish was my favorite of our wedding. I was totally in love with our salad, it was mixed greens with peppers, goat cheese, and candied pecans. They created it for me and it turned out perfect. The husband and I are big foodies also, but I think it's important to realize that food cooked for 70 people will never taste as incredible as if it were cooked for just 2:) I was incredibly happy with how everything turned out though. And we had the Mexican appetizers at our cocktail hour. We didn't make it to cocktail hour at all so I couldn't try them, but people are actually STILL telling me how incredible they were! Apparently that was the food that stood out the most to all our guests. Go figure:) I will say that everything we ordered during our week there, with the exception of the tuna dish (we live in Hawaii, so we're very particular about our tuna!), was amazing and people kept telling us how much they loved everything they ordered. The fried calamari at the pool is a MUST. Thanks so much! I am starting from square one right now If anyone else has any tips that would be awesome too! Tiffany
  13. Thank you KPSouthie! Sorry, I don't get on here very often, but I really do need to get my reviews done:) Anything that stands out as a must do... I absolutely LOVED our margarita glasses (from Omniglow: http://www.omniglow.com/og/) And I know it's a little biased, but I think the wedding on the terrace was the best spot at Ceiba for a wedding:) Everyone could sit comfortably (we had 70 guests), there was a great breeze, women could wear whatever shoes they wanted, and the views are absolutely gorgeous. Oh and another must you are all already doing - have your wedding at Ceiba del Mar!!
  14. Bonnie - VERY good choice! I actually added my review of DJ Doremixx already... he was seriously amazing. We gave him a list and he perfectly picked all the music that was similar to what we like and kept our party going all night. His props are especially fun! We had so many guests telling us all night and the next day what an incredible DJ he was!
  15. Hello ladies! We recently returned from our amazing wedding at Ceiba del Mar and I thought I'd share our awesome photographer's pictures here:) We got married on May 28th, and had 70 guests. Everything was beyond perfect and I plan to write a full review for the best resort ever (some of our guests have already planned a return trip - they loved it SO much!), as well as our rehearsal dinner site (Alux Restaurant) and vendors (Moments that Matter, DJ Doremixx, Euforia, Arpason, MVP Makeup, etc). We couldn't have asked for more perfect people to work with - everything really was out of this world:) Facebook teaser pics: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150201585839487.324784.18683524486 Full set of pics: http://www.pictage.com/1058709
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