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I really need help with bridesmaid's dress!

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So, I thought I found the perfect dress~ it was at Nordstrom, in my color, and a t a great price! So, when I went back to show my bridesmaids, it was gone! Now I am back to square one. I was in my color, and not very fancy, does anyone else have any other ideas? I have 4 months and don't have a dress for my girls yet.. tia


here was the dress from Nordstrom, so you can get an idea of what I was going for


Click the image to open in full size.

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I would really consider getting them online if you cant find them. Just make sure the return policy is cheap enough. A lot of the girls on here got there BM's dresses online ordered a couple different styles and sizes and than sent everything they didnt need back. A few stores off the top of my head.




Neiman Marcus

Banan Republic



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Originally Posted by cessyboston View Post
shelly why dont you just call other norstroms and ask get the desighner name and call around....other norstroms may have them
ditto! even if it's out of state - they can ship them to your local nordstroms.

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