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If i can help with any questions about Jamaica.

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Hi to you all,


My name is Kelvin i live in jamaica if you have questions relating to your planning eg opinions on Venues etc. Have visited sevral of the properties in Montegobay and Ocho Rios . Not that familiar with Negril. My wife is Suzi we got married 5 years ago and she is amazing . We pretty much took care of every thing - Was kind of a wrong move though - we were so tierd on our wedding day having been up all night before the wedding. Thank goodness we had pictures to remember the day.


Any how all you Newly weds to be i am happy when i hear u've chosen jamaica - its a paradise. Get as much info as you can before you come as then its the best.


Kelvin or Suzi(my wife)


PS if you prefer to chat we also have a number with Bocaraton Florida Area Code that rings in Jamaica.

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Hi TiffandMarv,

I visited this hotel a couple times, didnt go much beyond their lobby area.The grouds are nice and the front office people were very pleasant. I know they have a team handling weddings but honestly i didnt get the sense that they were top end in terms of artistry,wedding decor etc- but i am positive they will coordinate the wedding well . if you use my email Ill give you alittle more detail. onelove_ks@hotmail.com


Good luck with your planning

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