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Cabo Surf brides - what other hotels are you booking for your guests?

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We booked the whole Cabo Surf for our wedding, but we're expecting around 100 guests so we're going to need some overflow hotels. I looked at some maps but can't really tell what the best options are. sad.gif


We'd like to get room blocks at 2 additional hotels - one at $300 night or less, and another less expensive one ($150?). I don't think there's anything within walking distance, but I would love to find something relatively close so it's not a long trek for people to get there.


Does anyone have any ideas of where their guests stayed/will stay?



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yep we relied on vrbo.com heavily as well. one favorite was Las Mananitas.


We were able to rent this place (Sea of Cortez Los Cabos - Home (Villa) Casa Dolphin) for $250/night and 8-9 people slept there. Talk about a serious bargain!


Other options include some of the hotels up in San Jose. I forget what they are now, but there are about 5 of so of them right in a row on the beach that would be plenty nice.

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