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Newbie Here! Looking at Palace Resorts in Mexico, Oct 2010! What a deal!

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Hello Ladies, I am so excited to have found this blog, containing so many other destination brides, all in the same boat! My name is Kelley and my fiance is Eric, we live in New Jersey. We are hoping to have our wedding in October 2010, in the Caribbean!


I've been looking all around the Caribbean but it seems the cancun MX area is by far the most affordable! I want a regular tradition type wedding, but under the beautiful sunshine! Meaning all 75+ppl, my 4 bridesmaids/4 groomsmen and a gorgeous dress : )


I found a deal at Palace Resorts in MX (Aventura Spa Palace, Moon Palace, Playacar Palace..) That if we can book 25 rooms for 3 nights min (so 75 rooms nights or more) we get Free Unlimited Private Functions and 7 free rooms nights for the bride and groom! How insane it that! So I can have a welcome party on thursday, rehearsal dinner on Friday, Bridal Party breakfast on Saturday, wedding day events, farewell brunch on Sunday.. All for Free!!huh.gif Sounds too good to be true! Anyone else heard of this or taking advantage of a deal so amazing?

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Check the weather..I didnt do it on Oct. because its Hurricane season? Im doing mine in april 2010 at moon palace.


You do get a lot of free things...10 rooms booked = free cocktail and dinner reservations.


20 rooms = unlimited private functions and 4 free nights for bride and groom.


I have had a lot of people who said they were going back out! Including 3 bridesmaids, & everyone seems to be getting prego and due in april as well...lol Even my sis in law (thats another story) So plan for the worse so you dont get upset :)


Also get ready for the...Is is it safe in Mexico? The resort will send you a letter with all their security pre-cautions.


But I know for sure we will have 10 rooms booked and im happy with a cocktail/reception. We want to be outside and enjoy the sea breeze instead of being in a ballroom :)


My friends brother did his wedding at moon palace and everyone loved it! They even include top shelf liquor.

The guy we are renting our tuxes from goes every year and he said the food is wonderful!!!!


There are many moon palace threads on here with tons of info!


Happy planning and Congrats!

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