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Las Caletas Couples ~ POST HERE!!! (**All LC Brides...PLEASE READ 1st post, red text)

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Hey Fellow LC Brides: My Fiance and I just got engaged about 3 weeks ago (we have been together 8 yrs) and we decided on a DW to Puerto Vallarta/Las Caletas!! No set date yet but I am new to the website so ANY and ALL info/advice you have for us involving DW ideas, Las Caletas or resorts is welcome and much appreciated! We have been to PV before (stayed at Riu Vallarta both times) but would love some feedback on other places. We are looking for all inclusive, nice variety of bars/restaurants in the $1,200 p/p range (we are coming from Milwaukee, WI). Somewhere kid friendly too but not run amuck by kids at the same time lol. As far as info on Las Caletas, I would love any/all info/advice you have out there. Thank you in advance :-) I am beyond excited and sooo ready for this new chapter to begin!!

Hi There!



I live in Milwaukee and am getting married at Las Caletas on 2.8.14! Congratulations on your engagement! Enjoy every second of it!!!


We are staying at Dreams Puerto Vallarta and are SO excited! Depending on how many days you plan on having your guests stay, it could definitely be within your budget. The time of year that you get married is also a big factor in the cost of everyone's stay. 


When we booked, it was cheaper to fly out of Milwaukee, but would you consider flying out of ORD instead? That may end up saving some money as well!


I'm pretty much all wrapped up as far as planning goes (minus a few details here and there), so let me know if you have any questions! I'd be glad to help however I can!

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How long did it take you to hear back from someone in regards to booking the wedding at Las Caletas? I want to make sure we book it far enough in advance that we don't run into any issues. Especially with the growing popularity of the site! Also, how long are you staying at Dreams and how many guests do you have? Did you go through a travel agent as well??

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How long did it take you to hear back from someone in regards to booking the wedding at Las Caletas? I want to make sure we book it far enough in advance that we don't run into any issues. Especially with the growing popularity of the site! Also, how long are you staying at Dreams and how many guests do you have? Did you go through a travel agent as well??

We booked Las Caletas in November of 2012. We got the first date we requested, so you shouldn't have a problem. If I remember correctly, it did take a couple of days to hear back. Dennise told me this is their busy season, so that could be what's taking a while for a response.



My Fiance and I will be staying at Dreams for a total of 2 weeks (one week before the wedding, one week after). We have 49 people coming, and they are all staying between 3-7 nights.


We used a friend of mine in Texas for our travel, but it was through Apple vacations. waiting for 2014 pricing to be released felt like it took FOREVER!!  We had to wait for the airlines to release their pricing, which was in July of 2013!


Hopefully you hear back soon!


Let me know if I can help with any other questions! 

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I just received a quote from Adventure Weddings Vallarta so I am officially on my way to become a Las Caletas Bride!!! The WC that wrote back to me is Lizbeth Cabrera. Have any of you worked with her yet?? Any info is welcome!! So excited to finally be able to get our date set <3

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Thanks, I'm soon happy to finally get a date for the wedding so we can get our Save the Dates made and sent out! Then we have to wait a few months till the 2015 dates come out for travel. We are looking at either 3/2/15 or 3/3/15. Just waiting on a lil more info till we lock down the date. I believe I'm working with Lizbeth Cabrera. I think she is new but honestly looking at pictures of the weddings at LC throughout the years I'm not worried about the wedding at all :-) Especially since we have over a year to plan. And I have a ton of ideas already of course lol. Now the only thing travel wise I need to worry about is picking a resort. Most of our guests haven't been to an AI resort before so I really want to pick something amazing but still in our price range. We are wanting to stay within $1,200 p/p which I know won't be a problem but I just want t make sure the place is clean, close to one of the launch sites for the boat and satisfy our needs :-) Looking at Riu Jalisco, Now Amber (if price goes down), Iberostar Punta Mita and Velas Vallarta. Any thoughts?!?!

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I'm looking at pictures of LC and am just wondering if the vases filled with sand and a pillar candle is included in the package price or if that is extra. Or I guess a better question would be what is all included for the dinner table decor for the reception?? Just trying to eliminate things if possible for our WC to have a better idea.



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So exciting!


I have heard that Riu is nice. I had a friend stay there last year and she said they had a great time!


I'm not sure about the sand and candle center pieces, but I do know that if you want flowers included in them, it will most likely be extra (you only have 1 centerpiece included). I am doing pretty basic center pieces that only incorporate a couple flowers in each, and ours were extra (but we are only going to have 5 or 6 tables, so since we don't need that many, I was okay with the extra charge). The table runners are included, and I believe any tea candles that you want to have on the table are included. I would still just double check with Lizbeth.


I had a million ideas too over the course of our wedding planning process! It really helped me to make a bunch of Pinterest boards to collect my ideas, then when it came time to really start planning, I sifted through them all and made a little PowerPoint presentation of the stuff that I really wanted, and I sent that to our wedding coordinator. I tend to be pretty indecisive though, so I had to figure out a way to try to eliminate myself second guessing all of my decisions...this seemed to help!

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