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Questions for the TTD'ers

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So for those of you that have already married and TTD by taking a swim (especially interested in the ocean TTD'ers), I have a couple of questions.


Did the water really ruin the dress?


How long did it take for the dress to dry?


How long did your TTD shoot take (in general)?


Any info is much appreciated, trying to figure out if it will possible for me to do a TTD with my actual dress or if I should get a cheap TTD dress.



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hmmmm good questions... I will be doing mine in the ocean....I'm only going to have photographer for an hour....at 9 in the morning and then have to lug the dress to hotel to dry (our flight leaves at 6pm) so hopefully it dries.


Erik says to just leave the dress there (it only cost 300 dollars and I won't wear it again) but sorry not a suggestion lol

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Hmm, well I didn't go in for a full swim, but went into the water about waist deep.


The dress wasn't ruined, but it was definitely dirty (from the sand) and would have to be professionally cleaned. Since I had no plans on keeping my dress, it didn't really matter. But there was no discoloration or anything.



I had my dress dry outside our villa in the sun. Since it rained, it took two days. Again, Dress was still in great condition, just still had a lot of sand on it.


It didn't stink in a really bad horrible way, but it definitely had a "not so fresh" smelll to it. I assume though that would have gone away with a professional cleaning.

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Juan's first TTD session was with Sarah, and he did an amazing job. If your photographer knows what it is, then let them be creative on their own. If they haven't done one and doesn't know what they are, I would forward them some links so they know what you want.

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I did a ttd with Elizabeth Medina and it was so fun! Highly recommend doing it:) The photos from that session were my fave!

Denise and Mark

Anyway, it only took 2 hours and I actually bought a linen ttd dress cause my wedding dress was silk and silk and water do not go well together. The ERC beach was seaweedy so after I got out of the water some pieces were hanging on me. I did not notice an odor especially since the ttd dress session took place the day before we left Mexico so it was still wet when I rolled it up in a ball and shoved it in my suitcase. So 24 hours was not enough time for my dress to dry but it was not a big deal. I took my dress to the dry cleaners and got it back as perfect as possible.

What type of fabric is your wedding dress?




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