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  1. I got married on Tortola (BVI) in 2007, if you want to PM me.
  2. Congrats and good luck with the planning. I've only been to the French side really so probably can't help you, but wanted to also say I love Anguilla! I went to St. Martin and Anguilla for my honeymoon, and we fell in love with both of them. We are actually thinking of going to one for the holidays this year.
  3. Sorry I missed this, but I've been to BVI several times and the USVI once. I actually got married in the BVI on Tortola so if you still need info please feel free to PM me! Ha, so clearly I need to update my siggy and spend more time on here.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by naga0066 Also love the placecard flipflops... where did you get them from? Thanks-I actually got them off ebay (yay ebay). I don't remember the seller now, but if you search for "flip flop placecard" you should find some.
  5. You look so happy and beautiful and I love the TTD pics, they are so fun. I think your siggy one is great. So glad I finally had time to come check in on everyone! Congrats!
  6. Well, that's all I have online right now. But I am making some photo books for my dad and stepmom so I'll try to get some more of the TTD pics up so I can post them here.
  7. So the TTD was soooo fun. I kind of wish we had done the underwater stuff earlier in the day because by the time we got to that I was tired and I totally forgot to ask for a floating shot, but we did get some good stuff and Rainbow Vision BVI Photography was WONDERFUL. They did the wedding too and I highly, highly recommend them. I think they would do USVI shoots too, so keep them in mind. This was all shot on Lambert Beach on Tortola, BVI:
  8. and after all the emotion...I needed a drink Check out the flickr set if you want to see all of them (well not ALL of them, but the sampling I chose to display).
  9. Ok, so the wait is over, and hopefully I haven't forgotten how to post pics. Here are some of my favorites from the professional shots: more to come...
  10. Aww, thanks for the well wishes guys. Sorry I haven't been back on in sooooo long. Hope everyone's planning is going well. I'll be hopefully catching up and posting some pics/reviews soon.
  11. This is just a real quick message to say I'm back from the Caribbean and that I will post photos/reviews/etc very soon. Everything went great, it did rain on the wedding day, so no beach wedding, but it turned out fab anyway. I'm so excited to catch up on everything that's been going on here, and hopefully I'll be able to over the next couple of weeks. I also wanted to give everyone on BDW a big thank you, you guys always had good advice and words of wisdom for me and I don't think I could have planned this thing without you all. Thank you!!
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