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May 28,2010 Azul Beach Resort, Mexico

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My name is Andrea. I am planning a late spring wedding in Mexico. We chose Azul Beach Resort, because I know people that work there and have ALWAYS wanted to go there, since we started a family. My fiance and I are (or near) 40 y.o and have an amazing son, Zachary, who turns 2 in December. This resort seems PERFECT for toddlers and families. This allows us to invite all our close and distant friends that have small children.


I have a website on mywedding.com and created 100 save the date postcards on savethedatemagic.com . we mailed about 50.


this is our second wedding, so i am far from a bridezilla.


next steps are a dress and invitations. i'm trying to find a short length dress. any suggestions? and i am considering online invitations - is that appropriate? any suggestions?


ps - I work for Couples Resorts in Jamaica- if you have any questions feel free to ask.


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