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Ok, I can't seem to find this answer in the search so maybe you guys can help me...


I know that all pro photographers are different and all and work at different paces, but on average, how long does it usually take to get your pro photos? What's a reasonable ETA?


I know our photog is currently working on our pics but I don't want to ask him how long it will take because I don't want to rush him or anything, but I'm kinda curious to know when to expect them. How long did it take you ladies to get your proofs and your pro pics?


Also, what's the difference between proofs and the actual pics?

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In my contracts I say 8 weeks... I usually have them done much sooner, but that allows for me to have a little bit of leway in case something happens. However some photographers take 5+ months to get back photos.

And the difference between proofs and actual photos depends on photographers. In some cases, proofs will be all of the photos, and then whatever ones you decide to order will get further editing done, and then those will be the actual photos. In other cases, proofs is just the word used to view all of the photos online before receiving them in hard copy.

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