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I someone could help guide us.....

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We are getting married and making it very simple because we want it to be quiet. Basically we are eloping. We do not want anything from it....Just a Legal marriage.


Can anyone offer what needs to be done prior to arriving in Cancun? Such as documents, or do we need permission from the Mexican embassy in Canada or U.S.? I know in the Dominican Republic does. But for us the most important is for it to be legal, there and here in Canada.....I am familiar with blood tests and a couple other basic things. But I think a wedding planner is another option but we do not want it at the resort we are staying. So if you know of and good planners outside the resorts....It will be helpful too...


Sorry for all the questions


Thanks everyone

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Hello Bujama,

A lot of girls choose not to have a legal ceremony in Mexico because it is expensive and time consuming. You have to be there two days before the ceremony, have bloodwork done, and the ceremony has to be exactly as scripted by the government in spanish.


However, if that is what you want I would contact Julieta who is a coordinator in Cancun and she can help you out. Her e-mail address is floresjulieta@prodigy.net.mx

She is very flexible and speaks great english. She is available on Skype if you let her know ahead of time what time to expect your call.

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