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Sheraton Wedding Review

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I am re-posting my wedding review here for all to see. Please let me know if you have any questions!


Iâ€m back from my wedding and everything was perfect….well, almost everything….


Read what you want and skip through the rest…


Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar ~ A+ …The Sheraton was beautiful and the employees were very accommodating and friendly. We stayed at the timeshare portion of the resort and they were just as accommodating. When we first arrived they wanted to put us in a room that was 2 parking lots away from the pool and beach, but after pitching a little bit of a fit they gave us a presidential suite, which worked out perfectly. It was a 2 bedroom suite with a kitchen that we shared with my mom and my brothers. We had our Thursday evening welcome reception in our room. Maye arranged for us to rent chaffing dishes to keep the food warm. It worked out perfecting and was so much fun. We were able to save quite a bit of money by hosting everyone in our room. We spent $800 at Costco on food and beverage (4 carts full). My dad spent Thursday slicing, dicing and cooking….our guests were to arrive at 6pm. I was ready at 5:45 and in the kitchen helping to prepare the guacamole, when my mishap of the week took place….I chopped my finger and had to take an ambulance ride into to town to the emergency room for seven puntos (sitches). Not so fun!


One guest did have a charge on their room for $80 for cheese…so check your bill carefully. We didnâ€t have this problem.


Northwest Medical Center ~ A+ …. We arrived at the emergency room and unlike in the US, I was immediately treated by a very caring and sweet doctor. She stitched me up, gave me a couple of shots and a couple of prescriptions and sent me on my way. I was back at my party by 7:30. Later that night, we had to call a doctor for my brother, who had been having stomach problems for the last 24 hours and low and behold the same doctor arrived to fix him up. He got a shot too and some prescriptions and we soon were both (almost) as good as new. On my wedding day, the doctor at the Sheraton, who is also a part of Northwest Medical Center, took great care to clean my wound and cut bandages as small as possible for my finger so that my finger wouldnâ€t be the center of attention on my wedding day.


Irma Taola (Sheraton, WC) ~ B+ …She drove me crazy a few times during the whole planning process. About 6 weeks prior to the wedding, she tried to inform me that the dinner prices were to be increased by $13 per person plus tax and tip. We were able to get her to honor the original quote, which was fantastic, but it was stressful. When we walked through the set-up on Thursday, the banquet manager was trying to get me to change my table arrangements….something about the ground not being flat enough for the set-up that I requested. Again, I wasnâ€t happy about this because I had everything printed, menus, seating charts, seating tags, etc. ….In the end they were accommodating and arranged the tables as I requested. The Monday before my wedding, she informed me through Maye that I was not allowed to have an outside person come into the resort to do my hair and make-up (TammyB had already warned me of this, but I chose to play stupid). I was still able to have Suzanne Morel come to my room.


Suzanne Morel ~ A+ ….I called Suzanne upon my arrival in Cabo to give her my room number. I explained what Irma had said about her not being permitted on the Sheraton grounds. I wanted to make sure that she would be there no matter what. She assured me that there wouldnâ€t be any problems. She personally arrived with her assistant on time. Her assistant curled my hair and Suzanne pinned it up and applied my make-up. She did a fantastic job. My make-up looked natural, which was exactly what I was going for. My hair was pretty too. Suzanne was easy to talk to very professional. My mom had a bruise on her cheek that they touched up at no charged.


Sheraton Reception ~ A+ ….The tables looked great. The napkins were folded as I requested. There were adequate staff members available to ensure that everyone had full drinks and assistance through the buffet. The food was great and there was a lot of it. Iâ€m glad we did buffet as it gave people a choice of food and the opportunity to go back for seconds. We chose not to serve cake, which worked out fine because there were about 6 desserts available that were all wonderful. We order a small cake through the Sheraton for the cake cutting pictures. It was wimpy and not pretty, but that was okay. The cake really wasnâ€t that important to me.


Maye Cortinas ~ A+ …Maye was awesome to work with. Through the entire planning process she promptly returned my emails and was very helpful. She was able to find me a guitar player on short notice after David Flores backed out of his commitment to play at our wedding. Maye and Paulina, her assistant, ensured that everything was set-up just as I had envisioned it. She also arranged part of my flowers, which were beautiful. My only complaint is that the flowers werenâ€t quite the color I envisioned. I pictured them a paler, lighter pink instead of the bright pink that I got. But, that really wasnâ€t because of Maye. Itâ€s hard to explain exactly what color you want.


Flower Cart ~ A…..I loved, loved, loved my bouquet that they did. It was so beautiful and just as I had imagined it. The corsages they provided were also beautiful. I canâ€t give them an A+ because they were not responsive through email during the planning process and they switched managers a couple of times and they had lost or forgotten the deposit that I had put down. But, it all worked out in the end and like I said, I LOVED MY BOUQUET!!!!


DJ Ricardo ~ A+ …He was great. I booked him through Jenâ€s advice a week before our wedding. He was very responsive through email and great to work with. I gave him a list of artists that I liked for the dinner music and he put together a great variety of dinner music…lots of jazz. Everyone loved the music.


Guitarist, Arturo (have to look up his last name) ~ A+ ….Arturo was fantastic! My guests loved him and the music was beautiful. He was very professional and very sweet. He gave us one of his CDs which I havenâ€t listened to yet. I booked him through Maye.


Baja Video Productions (BDW name BVP) ~ A+ ….Marci and Enrique were great. Marci came to the rehearsal was very sweet. I had requested that Enrique film from afar and that he was careful to not get in the photographers way. I canâ€t wait to see the video.


Rev. Scott Parsons ~ B+ …He was very professional and on time. I didnâ€t give him an A for personal reasons….i think our personalities just didnâ€t match up. He was very particular about the way things had to be done and he wanted things done his way. For example, he didnâ€t want to stand where we wanted him to and he made a big deal about the signing of the Universal Life marriage certificate. He was directly Jonathan how to take pictures. Like okay, take a picture as heâ€s signing the document….okay, now everyone look at the camera and pretend like youâ€re signing it. It was all really funny. Also, we wanted a more spiritual ceremony rather than religious….and he had a hard time with that. But, he did a good job overall.


Jonathan Thrasher ~ A+ ….Jonathan was great. He was very sweet and kind and my guests all really liked him. We had agreed that instead of shooting my rehersal/welcome dinner that he would do a day after or trash the dress session. Well, he showed up at the welcome reception with his camera and took some pics and also joined us in town on Friday night at Mi Casa….again, with his camera. He shot a ton of getting ready photos and carried on shooting until the very end of the reception. He really was fantastic and the photographer he brought to help him was a real sweetie too. I almost forgot… he also took some pics of my guests at the pool during the week. It was really a pleasure to have him there as a part of the party. The day after the wedding, he did a trash the dress session with me. We had a lot of fun doing it. I was in the water in my dress and having fun….I wonâ€t spoil the details….weâ€ll just wait for the pics.


Mi Casa ~ A+ …A group of our guests decided mid-afternoon on Friday that theyâ€d all like to go into town for dinner. We called Mi Casa and they were able to accommodate a group of 26 of our guests that evening for dinner. The restaurant was fun and the food was great. The homemade torillas were the best….oh and yummy mango margaritas too!



My guests loved the out of town bags and all the details. For the place cards I had decorated starfish with beads and wire and made them into a sort of ornament with each personâ€s name and table assignment on a tag. Everyone loved these. In fact, I guess someone really loved them because at least 10 (that I know of) disappeared. Tony and I didnâ€t even get the ones that I had made for us. I still donâ€t know where they disappeared to….I really donâ€t think our guests wouldâ€ve taken someone elseâ€s starfish. So, it is a mystery where they all went….


The week was fabulous!! We had so much fun!!

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Thanks so much Jessalyn for the great review. I had so much fun with you and all your guests that it didn't seem like I was there for work.


You did such a great job with all the decorations, OOT bags and everything else. It was a gorgeous wedding and I was happy to be part of it.


I'm so happy that you are pleased with the photos and I look forward to sharing the rest of them with you soon.


thanks again.

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