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I HATE FI's dog..

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#11 jk1101

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    Posted 09 October 2009 - 09:02 PM

    Originally Posted by adelaide
    Puppies are definitely hard. I totally understand what you are feeling!
    one really good tip that our puppy trainer gave us was to actually leash the puppy inside the house - here's the catch...tie the leash to your belt. This way you are forced to notice things that you wouldn't necessarily notice if the dog was loose in the house. They key is to watch for signals that the dog needs to go out and then catch her before she makes a mistake. It really worked well for us.

    Good luck!
    Training a puppy is SO hard. and now you have 2 dogs and all these upset feelings which makes it even more difficult. But all of these ladies have great tips - I rescued a very rambunctious Rottweiler and had to get him trained and keeping him on a leash in the house was really helpful.

    You really have to watch the dog too - if he doesn't pee/poo when you take them out, stay with them when you bring them back in till you see him looking like they are going to and get them back outside so you can tell them what a great dog they are. They do great with positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement will just make them fearful and more likely to mess up.

    Watch Cesar Milan the Dog Whisperer too - he's awesome.

    Good luck - a trained dog is an awesome pet - you can do it!

    #12 aprilmay

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      Posted 09 October 2009 - 11:10 PM

      Awww.... poor you! Please just give her more time, I know it's frustrating, I had a chewer and a pee'er, Lucy used to pee on my BED!!! But she grew out of it..... SLOWLY! I've replaced about 8 remotes, not sure what it is about them she likes so much, but now we know to put them where she can't reach them!

      Good luck and keep trying!

      #13 brandynd

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        Posted 10 October 2009 - 12:13 AM

        Thanks for the support ladies! This dog….oh this dog. I don’t even know what to do with her. FI had her upstairs in our room earlier. She took it upon herself to crap on my dog…for the second time today, right in front of Andy. I'm not sure if waned to laugh or cry when I saw him running around whining. I have no idea what it is about Ari, but he seems to be her favorite thing to poop on. I’ve never met an animal that liked to crap on another before, but whatever. After I called FI throwing a fit this afternoon he agreed to have a trainer come into our home and try to help figure her out.

        I’m just frustrated. Hopefully she’ll get better about making messes in the house and eating everything soon. God knows it would be nice to have her out of her kennel and not be afraid that she’s going to eat every bookshelf, table, and even wall in sight.
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        #14 JenniferSS



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          Posted 10 October 2009 - 12:47 AM

          It may be a jealousy or dominance thing- it is so gross but I have to say it made me laugh that the bull dog keeps poo'ing on the little one!

          #15 jo&delo2010

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            Posted 10 October 2009 - 01:09 AM

            Originally Posted by brandynd
            Omg....I'm ready to fly off the handle. I bought FI an English bulldog we named Lola a while back, because he’s always wanted one. I thought it would be good to have another dog around, because we had a schnorkie (schnauzer/yorkie hybrid) named Aristotle, who has separation anxiety….I $hit you not, the dog is depressed. But that’s a different story altogether.
            Anyways, we’ve had this stupid dog for like 3 months now. I’ve taken her to obedience classes, potty training class, and been to the vet 5 different times with her. SHE STILL $HITS EVERYWHERE! I take her outside, and the minute I get in, what does she do? Crap on my white carpets. I run to answer the door, and come back to the living room, and what is she doing? Eating the keys on my laptop.
            This morning was it for me. I came downstairs and let the dogs out of their kennels. Took Lola out first..out there for 20 minutes…..the dog won’t go. Okay, that’s fine, maybe Andy let her out before he went to work. So, I come back in and take Ari outside to pee. Get him back in, and go get a glass of water. I came back into the living room, and Lola had crapped on my dog!!! She was playing in it, and it was literally ALL OVER MY FLOOR AND WALLS! I hate this dog! Omg, I’ve always been an animal lover, but I seriously want to take this dog and drive 10 miles away from my house and leave her.
            I’m at my wits end. She just won’t learn. I’ve tried everything to teach this dog how to pee outside and quit eating everything, but nothing gets through. I told FI that I want the dog gone, but he’s throwing a fit about it. He doesn’t see why I wouldn’t want a dirty animal who makes my house smell like crap. He insists that if we sell her, we’ll never get the amount of money we paid for her back, and that if we got rid of her, Ari would have to go too. Hello?!?!?! Ari isn’t the one who can’t learn how to take a $hit outside like a normal dog! Ugh…..I am so irritated. Time to pull out the carpet shampooer.
            I have a 7 month old bull dog named Rebus. Believe it or not he stopped peeing in the house and pooping! You picked a loving dog but they are a bit stubborn. I remember coming home one night (act it was like everynight) and i lost it! There was diarreah everywhere, on the tile, in the grout, on the play pen...i curled up in a ball crying while he was trying to eat my hair! Finally we got him a kennel but one that wasnt to big for him, but we never leave him alone un- supervised! I bought him flavored nyla bones which he loves!!!As well as this rope in a bottel- which is the most stupid toy I have ever seen..but he loves it.

            I remember he would shit like 5 times a day - wish I could do that...lol He did have a para-site like 3 times. So that doesnt help the poop either. They are prone to so many problems that I got VPI pet insurance as well. I took him to the vet last sunday because he has little bald spots and the dr said he has mites..lol Its a type of mites that they are born with and its passed from their mom. We feed him Royal canine food because they have dog food for him when he gets bigger thats esp for bulldogs.

            When he does something bad we have a milk jug with coins and shake it...he is really afraid of it! If he sees it he stops and I hardly have to shake it anymore.

            You do have to give her a bath every week and clean her wrinkles,,,cause their mouth stinks 2...lol

            Have faith and she will get better! Please feel free to ask me anything :)
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            #16 Melidell

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              Posted 10 October 2009 - 01:31 PM

              We had to tether our Saint Bernard to us sometimes, too. He was an awesome dog and not much of a chewer, but he was a bit hard to housebreak. He would just not give you any warning that he had to go, so you had to keep an eye on him. You can imagine what that was like once he started to get bigger! He would even crap in his crate sometimes rather than go to the effort of whining to wake us up- he just did not care! A trainer sounds like a good idea, too, they may be able to give you some tips. My other dog was easy to housebreak, but a chewer, so she had to be watched and the house had to be really puppy proof. They will grow out of it, I promise! It just takes a lot of work when they're still puppies, but if you put that extra effort in you'll literally wake up one morning with an awesome dog. Getting them fixed as soon as they're old enough makes a big difference too- my Saint lost a lot of his stubborness after he was fixed. Good luck and hang in there- I know it's so hard sometimes!
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              #17 lulucarmen

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                Posted 13 October 2009 - 03:19 PM

                My Fiance and I have a one year old Yorkie who still has the occasional accident. Be patient and firm with your puppy, and they will eventually learn. It's a lot of work, but it's worth it!

                #18 KJT1985

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                  Posted 29 October 2009 - 06:13 PM

                  THIS is exactly why my fiance and I rescued a dog instead of getting a puppy. We both work 40 hours a week and just don't have the time to give a puppy. However, I've had puppies growing up and know how frustrating it can be. Especially when you're cleaning up messes or they're eating your shoes or get loose in a grocery store parking lot and won't come when you call (wanted to murder him that day).

                  In my 5+ dogs experience (ok, not even close to others on the forum)...be VERY consistant and do NOT let the dog out of your sight. Haha. Crate the dog when you can't watch it and make sure the crate is only big enough for it to turn around - if you give a dog ANY more room than that, they WILL relieve themselves in there. When the dog is out of the crate, keep a close eye on it for the "going to go" signals - sniffing, circling, etc. If you see these things, rush it out immediately! Teach by positive reinforcement. She'll get the hang of it, don't fret!

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