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  1. After I posted my long message, I went through and read this thread. I never would think of scamming anyone on here, or anywhere. I truly am sorry about what has happened..and have no idea why it ended up this way. Again, going to call CP tomorrow to see if they can look into anything for me. Hopefully by the time some of you are reading this, the two girls have received their refunds. Hopefully jenny gets back to me soon and lets me know what she would like done about her situation. There are a lot of bad people out there, and I have been scammed numerous times online, on ebay especially. I, however, am not one of them! I am wanting to make things right, and hoping they turn out good in the long run. I truly am hoping that along with the refunds, everyone does end up receiving their packages to show that I really wasn't scamming. Oh my..this turned out so bad! It really has made me not want to sell anything online again. Who knows what can go wrong. I admit that I should have been communicating more frequently with the buyers. My life has been extremely crazy lately for a number of reasons...but this is no excuse! Anyway, thought I better add this before bed.
  2. Hey everyone, I would just like to say...wow!! I haven't been here in probably..hmm..3 weeks and I just saw this! Since I am no longer planning a destination wedding, I don't come on this site anymore..that's why it has been so long! Anyway, here is my story for those of you who would like to know what is going on. Finzup..I sent you an email a few hours ago. I just received yours in my junk folder this evening! - your package was sent around October 15th. I don't have the receipts, but give or take a few days. Unfortunately, I do not have a tracking number and since I lost the receipt, I don't have the customs number that was on it either. I called CP and they said that since it was sent, there was nothing I could do..just wait to see if it arrived. Well, it obviously didn't so I waited a while to see if it showed up while everything with paypal was going on. The claim ended in her favor, and I put the money into my account as soon as she paid, so I didn't have any funds in my paypal account for her to get refunded. I just authorized paypal to send the refund tonight, as my account was limited? I thought that the refund would just end up going through. I didn't think I had to do anything at all. But then I realized that I usually had funds in my paypal account, and checked on it..and sure enough, needed to add some or authorize paypal to take the funds from my chequing/visa account..whichever I am set up for. So anyway! You should have a refund waiting for you in your inbox when you check it next! If you do end up receiving the package you can keep it (of course!) for all the trouble. I don't have much experience at all shipping to the U.S, but seriously? How could I mess it up this bad for it not to arrive..or be extremely late? You'd think that the cashier would have checked them over to be sure that they were correctly filled out at least. Anyway, I hope you do end up receiving them, because I never intended for this to happen at all! stamperamma- I sent the tote bags the same time I sent finzup's BM kits, so I also do not have the receipt that shows the customs/tracking number number. How convenient, I know. Anyway, I actually just sent you the refund now, as it was done differently than finzup's. And again, if you do end up receiving your package, I do not expect you to send it back to me. What a pain this has been for you girls, I am very very sorry that it ended up like this. I have sent a ton of packages in my life and, of course, have had a few of them lost in the mail..or whatever, but insurance was generally always purchased so it was usually covered. I never would have expected all of these packages not to arrive. I will call CP tomorrow morning to see if they know anything, or can somehow figure out the tracking information for your package. Here's hoping! As for Jenny, I sent you a message earlier, but think I should state here as well that: I used express post for your package, bought the envelope at the post office, filled it out..and dropped it in a mail box at the mall here. It should have arrived 2 business days after I dropped it off, but it has been probably more than three weeks since I dropped it off there, so either it was lost, stolen, very late, or..not picked up yet? I don't know how this could happen, but this is all I can think of. Since you didn't pay with paypal, I am offering to purchase more first aid kits and send them to you (at my expense, of course)..or send you a refund somehow. I don't use cheques, but maybe an email money transfer would work? Please let me know if you do receive the package, as I really am absolutely clueless as to what could have gone wrong here. Again, I will call CP tomorrow morning and ask about this package as well..and how often the mall mail boxes are picked up (I just assumed every day...not every two weeks?) I'll update you all tomorrow as to what I find out. Soo sorry again ladies. I sell a lot online and have never had this big of a problem! Also sorry for the very late reply. Again, I am not on here often! I really should have came back to see if jenny received her package, but since it was sent express post, I guess I just assumed that it would get there. Come to think of it, I think all express packages are insured up to $100.00. Hopefully I can find the tracking number here somewhere. I have a huge stack of receipts to dig through on my desk..hopefully it's in there somewhere.
  3. My Fiance and I have a one year old Yorkie who still has the occasional accident. Be patient and firm with your puppy, and they will eventually learn. It's a lot of work, but it's worth it!
  4. BUMP - Really don't need all of this stuff .. make offers ladies! bridesmaid kits, first aid kits, and tote bags have sold, everything else available!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by shankd Where did you find the first aid kits? I got them at Dollarama
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by shan13 Sent pm yesterday about the bridesmaids kits...no response? I'm sorry! I was waiting for another girl to let me know if she wanted them after I gave her a shipping quote. If you really like them, I can see if I can still find the makeup cases and I can put some together for you. I don't mind helping out! PM me if you'd like that.
  7. Bridesmaid Kits, First aid kits, and burlap bags have sold. Everything else still available!
  8. First Aid kits have sold, everything else still available. Thanks!
  9. I purchased them from Dollarama. If I remember correctly, they had red as well.
  10. Flower girl travel items $1.00 each (Beach ball, princess lip balm, origami princess kit, fuzzy doorknob hanger, fuzzy picture to color, bracelet making kit, lisa frank identification tag) Bridesmaids "Rescue Me" kits (include 3 pantyliners, dove deodorant, shampoo, razor, wet naps, bobby pins, and you can put whateer else you would like. I can also include the laminating covers for free (I have 5 left) $5.00 each (2 brown, 1 fuschia) Funny luggage tags - bought these for my girls $1.00 each Breathsavers mints - 12 available .50 each all 12 for 5.00 10 burlap OOT bags turquoise and brown..can put an iron on transfer with your monogram $2.00 each
  11. So we have decided to do a local wedding in stead of a DW...darn . Oh well! Here are some OOT bag items I was going to use, but can't anymore! I can accept paypal or email money transfers. Please contact me for shipping costs with your postal code/zip code. Thanks ladies! 7 packages of frames (14 in total) $1.50 per package or $10.00 for all 7 Blistex SPF 15, roller ball medicated lip balm $1.25 each (13 available) Tissues (10 pack) - $1 Hand Sanitizer (4 packs of 3) $1.00 each pack Just Married luggage tag $4.00 First aid kits $1.25 each (14 available) Travel games $1.00 each
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by NaM I got 2 custom made bands and they were $800...with diamonds. I did get mine in white gold but even the prices I was quoted for platinum weren't that high...about double what I paid but under $2k. I would keep researching. Why would it have to be platinum btw? My ering is platinum but my weddings bands are white gold and you can't tell a difference. really? the bands I was trying on looked completely different than my e-ring... Also, they said that they couldn't sauter it together..and it would wear different..making them look weird together.. Who knows, maybe they don't know! I would really like to just get the white gold and not have to spend an arm and a leg on platinum!
  13. So I have been shopping around for my wedding band for a few weeks, but every place that I go to tells me that the price is going to be around $3000.00 for a very simple channel band, because it will have to be in platinum, and there will have to be indents made where the claws of my engagement ring will fit..so there is not a gap between the two. Does anyone else have any experience with custom making, or altering a wedding band to work with your ring in platinum..and the price range? Or does anyone have any website suggestions? Thank you! I have uploaded a photo of my ring.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by inspiredfyre The absolute no no is bare minerals. That stuff not only broke me out, but has a high level of light reflecting "minerals" as well! Funny that you say this, I have been using bare minerals for 3 years and have had absolutely no trouble with it in photos..never broken out from it either. I guess everyone is different though! For me, I love it because it feels so light!
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