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Dreams Los Cabos Wedding Review - June 14, 2009

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My wife and I got married at Dreams Los Cabos on June 14, 2009. We had an amazing time and would recommend it to anyone. The resort is beautiful and the staff is great. It met every expectation we had and then some. We had 22 friends and family members attend, and everyone had a blast. Not a single person had a bad time and only had great things to say about it. We canâ€t wait to go back.


We decided to have a destination wedding on the beach instead of doing a traditional wedding. We first starting looking at Hawaii, but we thought the flight was a little too long for our guests and the price tag was too expensive anyway. We starting researching other places online and stumbled onto this website. We read the reviews and ultimately decided on Dreams because of all the positive things everyone had to say about it. Tammy Wright handled our travel details and Yesica Garcia was our wedding coordinator…both did an awesome job. It is true that it can take a week or two to hear back from Yesica via e-mail, but she has to answer tons of e-mails a day. I canâ€t believe she juggles all of the e-mails along with all of the weddings she handles. We would definitely recommend Tammy and Yesica to anyone also.


Most of us flew out of Kansas City. It was a short 2 hour flight to Dallas, and then just a little over 2.5 hour flight to Cabo. Itâ€s amazing that you can fly less than 5 hours and land in complete paradise. We didnâ€t have any trouble getting through customs, and the harassment from the time share people at the airport wasnâ€t bad at all. I was kind of worried about our guests having to deal with this but it just wasnâ€t an issue. Donâ€t stop to talk to anyone and go straight outside. Several transportation people will try to offer you a ride so just make sure they are the transportation service you signed up for in advance. EPIC handled our shuttle transportation to and from the airport and were excellent. They were always right on time, no problems there at all.


Entering Dreams for the first time was awesome. Youâ€re greeted by super friendly people, a cool washcloth, and a glass of champagne. They even had a welcome letter for my wife and a bottle of champagne on ice waiting for us in our room. The room was amazing also…perfect view of the crashing waves, private balcony, comfy king size bed, Corona stocked mini fridge, etc, etc, etc. I canâ€t say enough about the cleanliness of Dreams and their super accommodating staff. All of the pools and swim up bars were great also. The beach being unswimmable right outside of Dreams wasnâ€t an issue at all for us. Itâ€s totally worth it being able to watch the big waves constantly crash along the beach so close to the resort. They were bigger than normal according to some of the tourists who had been there before and were absolutely amazing. They crashed so hard that it rattled our doors and sounded more like thunder than waves. They will tell you itâ€s an easy 15 minute walk down the beach to a swimmable beach, but itâ€s more like a 25 minute hard walk through the sand to get there. Not a big deal though and definitely worth the walk once you make it there.


The restaurants are one of the only things you hear people complain about at Dreams, but they were more than adequate. This was the first all inclusive place any of us had ever been to, and there is definitely something for everyone. Iâ€m a bit of a chef in training / food snob, and most of the food was way better than average to say the least. We didnâ€t run out of options or feel the need for any other restaurants until the 5th day of our stay. Everyone loved breakfast at El Patio. Most people in our group also loved the Seaside Grill and the Japanese place. The sushi wasnâ€t the greatest but it wasnâ€t bad either, far from bad actually and definitely fresh and safe to eat. We loved Oceana the most. Our favorite meal was the ceviche, ceasar salad, and shrimp burritos.


My only complaint is that not all of the restaurants were open every day. They would close down the restaurant next to the gazebo for weddings, which is completely understandable, but a lot of times some of the others like the Japanese place seemed to be closed for no reason. On two occasions we were denied a seat at the restaurants that were open because too many people were already on the list, but if the other restaurants would have been open I doubt they would have had this problem. Not a big deal at all though really as we got right into every restaurant we wanted to go to 90% of the time. The most disappointing place as far as quality of food goes was the Italian place, Portofino. Not terrible by any means, and some dishes were better there than the others, but overall it was our groups least favorite restaurant. The food they served at our wedding reception was really great though, and was a nice change of pace from what we had grown used to. We had the portobello puff pastry, cream of broccoli soup, lobster tails, beef tenderloin, and the peach cheesecake with strawberry couli for desert. All of it excellent. The new night club they just opened was also a great place for those of us that didnâ€t want to turn in at 11:00.


We only ventured into Cabo San Lucas for one day but had an amazing time there as well. We took a boat out to see the Lands End Arch, and our guide dropped us right off on the beach where we planned to have lunch at this restaurant called The Office. We had some of the best sashimi style maguro tuna weâ€ve ever had there, and it was a really fun place to be at. You could take a dip in the ocean any time you wanted. There were some semi rowdy spring break style places next door with drinking contests and the whole bit, but it wasnâ€t bothersome at all. It was kind of fun actually to be able to watch the antics going on next door and not have to participate. We had reservations at Edithâ€s that evening which is supposedly a pretty nice place and not too far away from The Office, but we were having so much fun where we were that we decided to call and cancelled our reservation.


Everything met or exceeded our expectations…Dreams, Cabo San Lucas, the food, etc. The weather was perfect also. Even though it was 100 degrees every day, it was a lot cooler than the humid days we get in Kansas during the summer and never felt uncomfortable at all. We werenâ€t able to do a site visit and fortunately we didnâ€t need to. The only problem we have now is finding the time and money to go back as often as weâ€d like to!

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I forgot to mention that we used Juan Carlos Tapia as our photographer also. Seemed like a really great guy and we felt right at home with him instantly. We haven't seen our pictures yet but I'm sure they'll be great. I'll post some pics when we get them!


If anyone has any questions about anything fire away!

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